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Dilli raj

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Recent posts by Dilli raj

I have completed my SCBCD and SCWCD a week ago. But i passed my SCJP in
Oct 1999. I want to know whether my SCJP will be valid. and i also want to know whether i need to take the SCJP again so that SCBCD and SCWCD are valid. Kindly let me know.
The container cannot passivate an entity bean instance WITHIN a transaction.
But it can passivate BETWEEN transaction, or BETWEEN METHODS.
exclude takes preference over others
The client will be able to commit the transaction at any point unless and until the transaction is set to roll back using EJBContext.setRollbackOnly() method before throwing the exception.
For Stateless Session Bean (either BMT or CMT) the transaction needs to start and end within a business method i.e we cannot end a method without ending the transaction. Moreover in SLSB the bean instance is associated with the client only during the Business method call. Hence during ejbCreate() and ejbRemove() having a transaction reference really doesnt help
For the first question. Even the Bean provider can set the values of the environment entries. But it is the responsibility of the Deployer to make sure that the values are present
[ February 18, 2004: Message edited by: Dilli raj ]
what is the problem u are facing?
I think if the container invokes unsetEntityContext() the bean moves from the pooled state to Does not exist state
For stateless Session bean the resource managers can be accessed only from the Business method. It can neither be accessed from ejbCreate() nor from ejbRemove() method.
[ February 12, 2004: Message edited by: Dilli raj ]
Here we are talking about 2 different things.
1. EJB Object and 2. Bean instance
We can get the EJBObject during the ejbCreate() method. But the bean instance is pulled from the pool and associated to the client only during the business method call.
From But u can get some trial questions for free otherwise it costs u $75
The sequence is
Constructor, setSessionContext and then ejbCreate. The ejbObject is created only at the point of ejbCreate call. So setSesionContext is little too early for the getEJBObject() call.
How to apply for the logo. Pl let me know