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On attempting to create a connection to MS sql server thru a JSP, i get the error no suitable driver found. I have the J2EE 1.3 installed. I know the standard driver in there somewhere. What is it called?? and where should it be installed so that the page makes the connection???
I live in Bombay, India and seem to find no, and I mean absolutely NO books on Oracle JDev certification.
This seems to be a forum for Sun Certified Java Developer, but I hope someone can help me out here. What does one need to be familiar with to give the Oracle JDeveloper?? Are there certification books like there are for the SCJP?? (names would be appreciated). And lastly, does anyone have definitive and elaborate opinions whether this track has potential or not?? Thanx !!!
Javix, maha, ajith, suma, mani, sunny, srinivasa, sree, satya, hjs11, ajay - thanx a lot guys!!
in io only constructurs you should know really well, what takes what and which classes allow what kinds of info reading/writing - like Datainputstream for primitives etc. These you can get by looking at the method names in the API. gc - just when memory occupied by some is eligible for gc and basic theoretical stuff about how gc runs/ low priority thread/cannot guarantee gc to run now/diff vendors can have diff gc implementations etc
Hi guys, and a big thank you to everyone at javaranch. cleared with 88%. A major thanx to Maha anna for her explanations. i was scoring 85-90 on the marcus/brogden mocks during the last few days. The exam is easy, (found them easier than bill brogden's exams) and time is ample. finished with an hour to spare. i had doubts about 5 qs, but obviously i got a few of the ones i was sure of wrong too. Used Complete Reference (naughton) exam prep (bill brodgen) exam cram (brogden again) and the bible - RHE. This is my first brush with OOPS, have a background of pre Windows programming. Oh of course, used OOPs using C++ for dummies for the basic OOPs orientation. No ambiguity in the qs, no deprecated methods mentioned anywhere and i think i got the infamous Mediatracker/socket qs. Thats it i guess. Catch you after a while at the Swing/JDBC forum. Take care
Thanx a lot MA!!! thanx thanx thanx a million!!! I got an qs on exactly this topic. Whatever % one qs is, of the 88% that i scored, i am deeply indebted to you for !!! Its been really great of you to ans every qs that you do so clearly and explicitly. Love you!!!
I made up a mneomonic (im sure i spelled that wrong!) for the operator precedence
"you ask bullshit then assign"
U - Unary
A - Arithmetic
S - Shift
C - (mneumonic licence) Comparison
B - Bitwise
S - Shortcut
T - Ternary
A - Assign
Works out to U ASC BullShit Then Assign
Thanx MA. I think something similar has come up before with private methods and overriding. I get it now.
Import statements can be as numerous without a performance cost. It is only at compile time that you will feel the weight of the various imports. Becoz only the classes that you actually use are compiled with your program not the entire package. So the qs of loading classes that hog memory and are useless doesnt arise. Import statements only affect cimpile time, not performance
We know that static methods cannot be overridden with non static methods and vice versa. but what about overloading?? can i have a static method with one sign, and a nonstatic method with the same name, diff sign??
char c = 67; this is a valid assignment. Basically char is an unsigned integer type. and char to int conversion is natural and accepted. What happens is that char gets assigned the unicode char. then when it is being compared to the long, the int value is taken and then promoted to long for the comparison. chars can have simple arithmetic performed on them. eg. char c = 'A'; c++; this works basically because char is then used as an int, added to and if printed will print B
A qs in one of the mocks is "What can contain a menu bar?" Options are Frame, Applet, Panel, Window. I would pick all. And it is correct in one test. In another test the same qs has only Frame as the answer and if the others are selected it is incorrect. On going thru the API i found that Component implements the MenuContainer interface. Going by inheritance wouldnt all components inherit this capability of being a Menu Container ?? Does that mean even Buttons/labels/etc that descend from component can contain menubars?? (Doesnt make sense, just speaking rules-of-inheritance wise) Looking for methods, only frames have the setMenuBar method to set a menu. rest use add??
I am a little confused about the correct answer. To be it seems that all concrete classes of components would inherit the capability to be a menucontainer from Component. Can anybody shed some light, (preferably a halogen one) on this topic??
Would it be Just In Time compiler file?? (*jit.dll)