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Recent posts by rania ferrag

THanks Adne for your response,

Thank you very much Adne for your prompt response!

Best Regards,

Hi Every one,

I'm preparing for the exam part 1 of SCEA, and this week I'm studying the EJB 3. I have book from Apress which find it very good.
My Questioon is, what we have to know and understand for the exam for EJB and JPA (java persistence API). Do we have to master all details of Entities and their RelationShips (@oneToOne, @OneToMany, @ManyToMany..) and all the annotaion that Entities have in EJB 3 and the Mapping Entity Inheritance Hierarchies, howEjb 3 works with web services or be as Web Services etc ...
For those that did pass the exam and remember the part 1, any advice what we have to understand for the Exam ?

Your help and advices are very helpful for us and thank you so much in advance for your response,

My Best Regards,

Hi John,

Congratulation for your pass for the Part 1 !! and wish you the best for the next exams

Thank you for sharing with us your experience even it's related with the old version of SCEA, but still some topics in the old version are included in the new SCEA 5, so it's useful to read your post even for those will prepare for the new SCEA.


Thank you very mush Paul for your prompt response
For the source that I�m using to study the web services, I do have a book that was recommended by SUN which is :
Developing Java Web Services � Architecting and Developing Secure Web Services Using Java
Developing Java Web Services

I found it very good but was wondering if I have to go over all chapters in that book including to know SOAP deeply, security in web services etc ..
Please le me know when you update your SCEA part I study , it�ll be really helpful for my study for this exam

Thank you very much and waiting to hear from you soon
Kind regards,

Hi Every one,

I'm preparing the Part 1 exam of SCEA 5, and working these days on WebServices, my question if for those had pass the part 1 exam or know which section is covered for webservice in the exam.
Do we have to know and understand SOAP and how to Develop WebServces using SOAP ? or just to know the Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) and Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) , and Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) etc ?
Which section are included in the exam for webservices ?
Any further details on what is included for Webservices in PArt 1 and what's the API that I have to focus more, will be much appreciated !

Thanks in advance for any Help

Rania -
Hi Flavio,

It's nice to see you back in this group ! We need your help on how to prepare for this SCEA 5.
I was able before to see your post in some other link where you did post you experience regarding the testI for scea, but I don't see it any more. It was remove in that post ? if the case could please repost again your though regarding the Test 1.

THanks and Regards

Congratulation Falvio ! Well Done !!
Could you share your study experience and material that you had use ? specially you are Certfified with SCEA 5 which is new and most of us are looking for best material to prepare for this new release of SCEA.

Waiting to hear from you and thank you in advance to share with us your study path.

Best Regards,

Thanks Cameron for your prompt response and Yes I�ll place an advance order
Actually not only Books that I need to prepare, like even if there is some document where we can start to work for this new SCEA 5. AS I never use EJB in my work, I really need a good start for what is included in the Exam SCEA 5 part I, is my ED Roman Book ok, or I have to read from other documents online until we get your Book ready (or other books )

What I need is best recommendation to start my study now, or do I have to wait some moths to see how the Beta goes ?

Thank you so much again for your response,
looking forward to your reply !

Hi Every one,

I started last year to prepare for SCEA Edition 1, and didn't had time to pass the exam, I did study on the books below :
Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans 3 edition by ED ROman
UML Distilled by Martin Fowler
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology by Mark Cade and Simon Roberts
And many document on the web.

Now as the Objectives for the new SCEA Edition 5 has changed , my question now, which books are available now on the market to prepare for the new SCEA 5 ? or any good documentation existing online ( spec, tutorial, etc ..)
Can I still prepare for the new SCEA with my book that I listed above ?

Do someone know if SUN did recommand some books for the new SCEA Edition 5 ?
Any suggestion and recommendation for how to prepare for this new SCEA should be really appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance for your response and suggestion,


Hi shannuv and Congratulation !!

Can you share with us which books you had used and usfeful links etc ...

Thanks and Regards,

Thank you Mhike for you reply !

Hi Mhike and Congratulation, 75 is good Score too !!

I have a question for you please, where did you study EJB ? or do you have work experience using EJB ? or you just started learning EJB on Cade Book ?
Did Whizlab helped you on passing the Real test ?

Thank you so much in advance for your reply,

Hi Frank !!

you know I'm holding now Head First EJB book, one of my colleague had to prepare for the SCBCD certification and had use this book, he said he just use this book to complete the SCBCD ... I borrow it from him

I'll spent all my weekend reading it !!
Thank you and thank you so much Frank for all your reply and My best wishes for you next coming exam too

Hi Franck and Thanks� for your reply

What I meant about old Edition is if the same author had written before a book for EJB 1.x as the exam is focused on EJB 1.1 as you said the exam is a bit behind the bleeding edge . Because EJB 3.0 is not yet in the actual Exam..
Actually I had miss the Exam part 1 a Week ago and now want to retake it, also as I have never use or work with EJB (lucky you that you have work experience using EJB, this is more important than just reading a book ) .. so My first experience with EJB started when I start to prepare for the SCEA exam 1, I bought Mastering EJB by ED-Roman, indeed it�s a good book too, but for some one like me that had never know anything about EJB (the book is more theorical ) and it was hard to swallow all that theory.
So during this week I did some research and someone strongly recommend the Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 by Bill Burke and Richard Monson-Haefel book, and I�m wondering if there is Enterprise JavaBeans 1.x by Bill Burke and Richard Monson-Haefel ?

Or I�ll get a copy of HF EJB, this book is good too ... I have to retake the exam, and I have to make sure this time I really master the EJB ..
What do you think Frank ?

Thanks again for your response and advise
Mys Best Regards,