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Ruud Smith

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since Feb 05, 2004
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Recent posts by Ruud Smith

Finished Java 4a (Say). On to the next challenge, Java 4b.
3 years ago
Commodore BASIC V2:

5 years ago
Besides possible other problems in your code and the naming convention, as mentioned before, there seems to be a '_'-symbol missing between 'insertion' and 'srt1' on line 5.
5 years ago
That's nice to hear. Thanks.
I'll start preparing myself for it.
5 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:There is an error...the above code won't compile.

You'll probably need the COM.objectspace.jgl package for that. I've tried to find it, but it seems that it's not freely available anymore.

5 years ago

I wish to join the Cattle Drive, but want to make sure that I can. Is it still possible to join?
5 years ago
I've never heard of a String Pool before, but after a small search I've found a good explanation here.
5 years ago

Tony Docherty wrote:

I don't know how Windows works in this regard, but in Linux, all the bourne family shells (and, I think, the C family shells) put the value of the last command executed will be in the ? variable

Windows always used to put the return code of the last command executed in an environment variable called ERRORLEVEL. I would imagine this behaviour hasn't changed although I haven't tried it since Win XP.

You can output the value from a command prompt as follows:

I've just tried this in Windows 7 and it still works.
5 years ago

Pat Farrell wrote:are those original Lisa computers? Looks like an old mac, but has two floppy disk slots. I know the Lisa had two.....

It's difficult to see, but it looks like an Apple Macintosh SE. I found some information here.
5 years ago
And here is where it all started.

And this is my first post on this forum, finally after more than 8 years lurking in the shadows.
5 years ago