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since Feb 09, 2004
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Recent posts by Nagendra Nune

Got my result yesterday (5/10). Appeared for the essay exam on 4/6/04.
Good luck to everybody waiting for the result.
Break down of score:
The maximum possible number of points is 155;
the minimum to pass is 124.
Section Summary Report:
General Considerations: Maximum=58 Deductions=3 Actual=55 Documentation: Maximum=20 Deductions=2 Actual=18
GUI: Maximum=24 Deductions=2 Actual=22
Server: Maximum=53 Deductions=3 Actual=50
Total: Maximum=155 Deductions=10 Certification Score=145
18 years ago
I guess that's the right place.
I gave mine on April 6th and it has exactly been 3 complete weeks.
Please update if any one of you got your results. Thanks.
18 years ago
I took the essay exam on April 6th. I haven't gotten the result yet.
18 years ago
Andrew, thanks for the info.
Mehmet, I haven't received my result yet. Checking the website twice a day.
I guess definitely more than a week. I took the exam on 4/6/04. I saw in some posts that they got the result in a couple of days but I assume it varies from person to person. Good luck.
Thanks for the reply. I use command-line arguments to specify database path and the port for the RMI Server. I am just curious to know what other people did in this case.
This may be a silly question but I need help.
When the client is connected locally, it closes the database (a random access file) when it exits. That is fine.
But when the client is connected to a database on the network server, what is the appropriate way to close it. A client cannot close it since another client may be accessing it. So, I assume it is a responsibility of the database server. Since we run the server in a DOS window, we close it by either closing the DOS window or by terminating the session by using CTRL + C. In this case, how do I know this event and close the database?
Or do I even care to close the database in case of a network server?
Please help.