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Recent posts by Alibabra Sanjie

Ko Ko Naing, CONGRATULATIONS!! I know it's difficult, 86% is belong to A level, Super! Let's Cheers
19 years ago
Wish Ko Ko Naing all the best!!
How much time to design a logo? - same graphics with diff wording for diff cert logo, simple it's that! Thing is that it is not the matter of "too busy", it's the matter of marketing strategy, matter of how much they care?! The MS$ become a winner and success in the market even they "steal" the best idea and technology for its .net from Java developed by Sun , but still earn tone of $ because they care about marketing since money come from direct sale and marketing. Only loser doesn't care about the marketing, spend all the resource to develop new technology, which will be used by other people to earn $. That's why I'm thinking to change to study .net and go for the after I got many certs from Sun.
19 years ago
You make it, Congratulations!
19 years ago
Ko Ko Naing, when is your exam? As I said no rush, take your time. For sure you are better than me. So I wish you all my best!
So in your company, do many people have many certificates like you in order to keep the job? What kind of the company is that? Is it hard to find an programming job in Hongkong? (as I knew you are from Hongkong)

So do I.

I am currently started to change the field, its quite painful indeed. On one hand I need to take exams to fulfill my boss, on another hand I need to study for another area.

No kidding You got so many certificates in this field, but you are saying that you have no future in this field and need to change to other field. What a waste! If such a IT certificates freak can't survive, that will be the end of the IT world - just joking. But what a pessimistic view!
Thanks. I don't know what to do next? Change to a new job, maybe dependents if I can find it. I couldn't see any good future for the IT. The only thing I can see is I have to upgrade all the time for new version and technologies. I know I am in wrong field.
[ November 02, 2004: Message edited by: Alibabra Sanjie ]
I Clear the "MAD" today with only 76% I don't like the mark, but I am happy that I make it

Here is my experience
- In general, the exam is more difficult than I expected, more difficult than any sun exams I took before - SCJP, SCWCD and SCBCD
- The exam is a good exam. It really tests your understanding and experience on J2ME which is the way supposed to be and on the right direction, NOT test your memorization like SCJP...(too easy to get 90%+, which is a joke!)
- All the questions EVENLY distributed to all the objectives to test your comprehensive knowledges.
- I got many performance questions, which really test my experience (which I don't have). I lost a lot of points with this kind of questions.
- JTWA/CLDC mandatory specs, resource minimum, classes CLDC1.0/1.1 etc
- Security-Trusted sources, certificate etc
- MIDP and MIDlets-midlet lifecycle, midlet communication with AMS. tricky questions
- Application Lifecycle-JAD/JAR attributes, action on install failure etc tricky questions.
- Networking-failry difficult. questions(N/W API hierarchy), Code questions etc
- UI-API knowledge is required. methods in high level, more difficult with low level, image related questions
- GameCanvas difficult questions, I lost many points as well since I never done any game programming - no experience.
- MMAPI, easy questions(playing a tone, player states)
- WMA - sms and cbs requirements, sms lengh, WMA and push reg (tricky questions)
- I study couple of books and three times spec, but no experience, that why I don't get high mark, but I am happy that I am passed.
- My advice: Don't rush, take time to understand the spec since the exam test your understanding.

Finally wish all of you good luck!
[ November 02, 2004: Message edited by: Alibabra Sanjie ]
Q12) An J2ME Application can load a from

A)its Jar file and the Vendor provided Java classes.
B) Only its Jar file

The answer is B, but I chose A

I think that it's dependent. If those classes from the vendor provided Java classes are in the device and the KVM - the environment allow the app to use it, Why not? Correct me if I am wrong
The answer is NO, Content of record can be anything, even empty string "" or null
For me, I read the spec many time and slowly. Michael Yuan anwser some of my question might help. and Article:,,040,00.html?fsrParam=2-3-/main.html&fileID=5075
[ October 26, 2004: Message edited by: Alibabra Sanjie ]
Q11 Suppose we have an image �image.png� with width 150 and height 50 pixel what will be outcome of the following code snippet assuming the image.png is available and other relevant classes are available
Sprite sprite = new Sprite(�image.png�, 100,50);
a) the program will fail at compile time.
b) the program will fail at runtime with IllegalArgumentException.
c) the program will run successfully with only one frame of size 100 by 50.
d) the program will run successfully with three frames of 50 by 50.

I will choose C,D

Q19 Player class implements Controllable interface

a) True
b) False

The answer is A, but I believe it's B because first Player is a interface, not a class

What do you think?
[ October 26, 2004: Message edited by: Alibabra Sanjie ]
A Player can add more than one PlayerListeners to it or only one PlayerListener using addPlayerListener(PlayerListener pl)?
19 years ago
Does the MIDlet.platformRequest() method handle multiple request?

I believe that it MAY or MAY NOT handle it. It depends on the device support or not? Any comments?