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Recent posts by Kadiyala Naga Sai

I am also preparing for SCJP and I support the suggestion by my fellow ranchers and add few more things..
1.Go through Java Tutorials from SUN .Keep the Khalid book or any book and when u turn a page , follow the Tutorial also with the same topic.
2.Refer Language specification also for any specied rule.This is also having sample programs to check the specification.
3.Make frequent revisions.
4.Whether u make or not do mock tests daily.
5.To my idea it should take 240 Manhours.(1 man 30 days * 8 hrs/day)to get a complete idea of concepts.
6.The very important point is that u make ur self confident and fit for the exam psychologically.
7.My philosophy is "Nothing is impossible" , but only "Difficult".
8.I hope you will come out of the difficulty.
9.Take it as it comes.
10.Sincerity and hardwork is never wasted.U get return in some or the other way.
All the best
Thanks Corey.
Very Clear
Dear Mr.Sleek.
Good question.I worked out on your question and the answer is ...
Access is only to the overridden methods.Other methods can't be accessed.
See the following code.

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[ March 03, 2004: Message edited by: Corey McGlone ]
Can any one help me to explain about the late binding & early binding in Java with an example?
Ecellent Mr.Gulati
I feel very happy with such a great and clear explanation.
This Java Ranch site really deserves appreciation to bring intellectuals like you to a very nice platform.
The vector basically can accept dynamic addition and deletion of elements where as an array can't.
Practical Examples where we use are...
1.Reservation system>>Airline or Railway >>Where u create a big list of names and u go on adding and deleting the reservations.
Mr.Patel is correct.
I suport his answer
This question to be posted under Java in General ( Advanced)
Not in beginner
17 years ago
I see the Java Language Specification and Java Tutorial,both from Sun Micro Systems very useful for...
1.Clearing ur concepts
2.SCPJ certification also
Secondly you should know the logics and catches in a program.Forums are the best and i find Java Ranch forum is very friendly and the people watching and replying very knowledgeable.
As far as the books are concerned each has his own choice based their knowledge levels.
As a beginner you may start with the above information from SUN .They be downloaded freely.
What else u need ??
Well begun is half done ...U know !!!
Bye & all the best
17 years ago
Hi Sridhar,
Try this code , u may understand...If still can't , post reply.I will explain.This is very long to explain.But I will patiently do that.
public class Tux extends Thread{
static String sName = "vandeleur";
public static void main(String argv[]){
Tux t = new Tux();
System.out.println("Main method print>>"+sName);
public String piggy(String sName){
Tux.sName = Tux.sName + " wiggy";
System.out.println("Piggy method print>>"+Tux.sName);
return Tux.sName;
public void run(){
System.out.println("Print1 from run method>>"+sName);
for(int i=0;i < 4; i++){
sName=sName + " " + i;
System.out.println("Print2 from run method>>"+sName);
I could not get ur reply.Can u explain in detail?
1.When we say String s1="Hai"....a reference variable s1 is created and points to a value "Hai".Incase if there is no vlue "Hai" in the string pool then will compiler creates a string "Hai" in speing pool?
An object is created with new operator only.Untill and unless we create a s1 object with new String ,no instance is created.How the situation is handled here ???
Dear Karlos
You Pl buy the voucher directly from SUN office.
You may register with any Prometric Testing center near by with the voucher number.
That is better.Do not try to buy from any third party and why to buy like that ?When SUN sells ??
I see a lot of people puttingup their views and clarifications.I see few authors are also viewing this quite frequently.
If there are any mistakes in the clarifications given by any person for any question , who is correcting ??
I thank all the people who gave me a good reply.
Any one can give opinion about the SCJP (1.4) exam preperation book written by Khalid Mughal?