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Recent posts by Vijay Vaddem

If you are looking for xslt debugger, then i'm not sure if there is any such tool other than xmlspy. However, if you are looking for other features like
xml schema to instance generation, xpath validations or pretty print, i suggest have a look at xml notepad and notepad++ with xml plugin. Simple, yet powerful

hope this helps
Yes. It is possible. Let us know if you are stuck somewhere...
But i see only one operation "GetVersion" in the porttype "WSModuleSoap".
Hence you get only one method.
16 years ago
Please be more specific about the problem. I didnt understand what did you mean by saying 'build a file'
I'm not sure though but check if 'Show source of selected element only' button is enabled on the toolbar at the top of eclipse.

If its enabled, click on it again to disable and see if it works fine.
Its available noww!!!

I got my copy today in Hyderabad's Book Selection Center....
17 years ago

Originally posted by KK:
Hi I have to include a folder in the Classpath. I am using Eclipse IDE. Can you tell me how to include a folder to the classpath using eclipse

Like I want to keep C:\Tcc\Log in my classpath using Eclipse


If you are referring to include an external folder...

Select the java file you are trying to run...
1. Click on Run --> Run
2. Go to 'classpath' tab
3. click on 'User entries'
4. click on 'Advanced' button onto the right side
5. choose the radio button 'Add external folder'
6. select the folder and click ok

Hope this helps

Delighted to see my name in the list

Originally posted by Ritika Agarwal:

I just completed reading Chapter 3 from K&B Java 5 book. I thought I understood the concept really well..but somehow i scored only 2 out of 14 in self test(following the chapter)..Its pretty clear, I need to revise the chapter again..but I was shocked to see my score because I scored very well in first two chapters self-tests.

Can anyone suggest any tips for studying Chapter 3 in specific. Any advices are welcomed.


I prefer you read and re-read......

this is how i did and everytime i did, i found something new which i
missed earlier

Originally posted by Harshavardhan Talluri:
My build is successful but when i trying with url it is giving 403 forbidden error .....

Please help me .....

Please be more specific and give as much information as you can.
The information you have given will not be enough for any one of us
to understand and help you....
17 years ago

Originally posted by Frank Carver:
This may be a silly question, but what is preventing you from putting all the code (both "modules" and the shared code) in the same repository?

How about organizing in the structure?


Ensure that each module will have its own build scripts
and the retail and admin modules depends on commonmodule
to be build before building them.

This means, the root folder 'yourproject' will call
commonmodule ---> retail ---> admin and so on..

Hope this helps..

Hello Anthony,

The error message looks like to be coming up while
making the JUnit report.

Do you have the target to make report for the test?

Which version of ANT are you using?
17 years ago

Originally posted by Chengwei Lee:
Hi Jeanne,

I actually have both Subclipse & TortoiseSVN, but I'm missing the link on how to do the merging of bug fixes from release branches into my trunk. Any help on that?

we normally use command line tool to do the merging.
If you have taken the release branch at rev: 100 from trunk and if your
current revision is 200, then the command would be as follows:

svn merge -r100:200 http://yourrepo/releasebranch .

. refers to the current checkout folder of trunk folder.

Tortoise also has the option of merge context menu.
Did you try that?