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Recent posts by Charlie Craft

We have a servlet timing filter so we do our timing in the application. Time when response goes out - time when request came in.
18 years ago
We are currently running load testing on our tomcat application using jmeter. A standard cache hit page request takes approx 10ms using jmeter. When we use a browser or a handset the response time is approx 100ms. Any ideas why we are getting this discrepancy?

Note: The browser tests and jmeter tests are being performed on the same remote machine.

Any help would be appreciated.
18 years ago

I'm having trouble with certain characters when posting them from a form. If I post the String hell´┐Ż and extract this in my servlet, the last character appears as 2 charcters (latin1 charcaters). If I do a .length() on the String it returns 6 instead of 5.

When the request comes in, a request.getCharacterEncoding() returns null, so before extracting my parameters I set the character encoding of the request to be UTF-8. The page encoding of the submitted form is def UTF-8.

I am running tomcat 4.1.29 and have tested with 4.1.27, 4.1.30 and 5.0.28, all of which give me the same error.

When I deployed the same application to WebLogic it worked fine.

Thanks for any help.
19 years ago
I have come across the same problem see following post:
20 years ago
Have found a workaround for this. The JAR files can be moved into the /shared/lib directory. Not ideal, but fixes the problem.
20 years ago
I have successfully deployed a webapp that has some JAR files in the <app>/WEB-INF/lib directory. When I click remove in tomcat manager for this webapp the application directory is not removed under <tomcat>/webapps because 2 JAR files remain in the <app>/WEB-INF/lib directory and are locked by tomcat. To remove them I have to shutdown tomcat. If they are not removed and tomcat is restarted it thinks it has a blank application.
Has anyone else come across this and is there any way to get the 'remove' to delete these JAR files so I don't have to shutdown tomcat and delete them manually?
20 years ago
I'm fairly new to struts (2 days) so apologies if I'm talking rubbish.
I've got a nested form that looks like this:
<html:form method="POST" action="/search/person" >
<nested:text property="familyName" size="30" maxlength="35" />
<nested:nest property="person">
<nested:text property="house" size="30" maxlength="35" />
How would I put the beans in the struts-config file?

Let's say I've already got:

<action path="/search/person" type="xx.servlet.Person" name="cheese" scope="session">
<forward name="success" path="Success.jsp" />
<forward name="failure" path="Failure.jsp" />

Usually I would define the cheese bean as:

<form-bean name="cheese" type="org.apache.struts.action.DynaActionForm">
<form-property name="familyName" type="java.lang.String"/>

How would I put in the person bean, or would it somehow be part of the cheese bean? Is is possible to represent this nested bean relationship in the config file using DynaActionForm, or do I have to write my own beans?
Hope that makes some sense.
[ February 13, 2004: Message edited by: Charlie Craft ]
20 years ago