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Recent posts by Jeganathan Swaminathan

Hi All,
I thought of taking my SCJP2 this month end(Dec 2000, but now i came 2 know that the time duration 4 SCJP2 has been increased from 90mins 2 120 mins, so i would like to know whether pattern has been changed r the level of difficulty will b high now b'coz y they unnecessary increased?
Anyone knows y and what changes please reply as soon as possible.
Actually it is clearly given in JLS that u can't assign LF r any special escape sequences like this.
'\u000a' is nothing but Line feed. Even u make that statement as comment also it will lead 2 an compilation error, u just check it. I have slightly altered ur program u just check it out, i remember that i seen similar question in some mock exam.
I agree that main thread is not a Daemon thread but can anyone comment about Whether main thread exits when main method terminates? And thanks a lot 4 ur replies.
Hi all,
I read Maha's discussions, I found her discussions is really useful and great, but in the Threads topic i found her saying that Main thread will wait till all its child threads dies . But the program given below shows clearly contradicts, may be i'm wrong, so i want comments on this as i'm taking the SCJP2 within 2 weeks.

with regards,
I gone thru' the maha's discussion regarding thread. There it is clearly written that "MAIN THREAD IS ALIVE TILL ANY CHILD THREAD IS ALIVE" but from the program added below gives a different picture. So i expect some comments on this...

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