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A C Toyota

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Recent posts by A C Toyota

>>It's time to end this technology workers shortage ploy. US citizens >>should be filling jobs in the US.
US Citizens Only or US Citizens, Green Card holders and everyone else legally allowed to work in the US 'cause otherwise it would be discriminatory.
16 years ago
That is the norm in most big companies because the salary increments are usually set by Executive Management and are not set by your immediate manager.
The increments are based on your rating, your pay scale / pay ratio etc. Soon, you will know what the raise is.
Bonuses are more discretionary and can be set by your immediate manager.
16 years ago
>The point is that the average wage being earned is only going to go down.
>Who needs the middle class anyway?

Does the average wage go down or does the economy split between haves and havenots? i.e. Some programmers will continue to make 100K+ whereas others go home.
16 years ago
Some other points to consider.
State Job
Lots of Politics.
No recognition for the work you do.
Most people avoid work since firing / layoffs are difficult if not impossible.
Since you are the newbie, whether full time or contract, you will get dumped with work, yet, no recognition.
Java - Although this is a good technology to be in.
Less politics
More Work
More recognition for the work.
Salary / Bonus much better.
C++ - Still strong, Java a little more popular in IT.
16 years ago
>>Not that I have anything against Minneapolis other than it's cold!
That's an understatement.. Welcome to the Arctic :-)
16 years ago
It is on page 2 of the same link that you provided.
I copied the text for you.
[Copyrighted text removed. --Mark Herschberg]
[ February 16, 2004: Message edited by: Mark Herschberg ]
16 years ago
Okay, so the people may be real but my point is
Why did the second couple in the story have 75000 in student loan debt when they were making over 200K a year? They talk about the big house and the mercedes and other materials things that they had when they were earning the bucks but did they show any personal responsiblity at paying down debt?
When someone is making 200K per year, they should have the decency to accept some personal responsiblity and pay down debt. They can't just blame their job loss for their poor financial situation. Declaring personal bankruptcy is not the solution. Guess who assumes that 75K debt, you and me, the taxpayers.
16 years ago
You should just move to Minneapolis.
The city is exploding with contracts for Java programming. Programmers are on the bench for less than a week.
It may be difficult to move if you already have roots in place in Silicon Valley etc but give it a try.
16 years ago
Don't always believe what the press says.
On page 2 of the report, it says that the couple were making 200,000 per year and yet ended up with a 75000 student loan that remained unpaid.
I can't believe that anyone would not pay off a student loan when the combined income was over 200K.
Either the story is made up to garner sympathy or the couple were not being financially prudent.
16 years ago