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Recent posts by Ganesh Subrahmanya

Can anybody suggest me a solution for this ?

Well!, as I said, I need to allow internal users ( I know the IP address range like 152.168.192.* for internal users ) and force the external users to login.

Does writing a custom Valve help me in this case ?

Can somebody help me with this ???
14 years ago
I have a web application running on Tomcat ( version 5 ). My requirement is that I need to allow internal users without any authentication and need to authenticate the external users. We know the IP Address range for internal users ( say something like 152.186.192.* ).

I tried using the Valve -- RemoteAddrValve and Memory Realm together, but then I don't get the intended functionality.

Is there a way in which I can achieve this requirement of allowing internal users and forcing the external users to enter username and password.
15 years ago
I have a column in Oracle table which is of type NUMBER ( and it can be null ). Inorder to insert values , I create a PreparedStatement object and when I try to set the value for this column I get an invalid column type error. The code snippet is as below

preparedStatement.setObject ( paramIndex , args[i] ); where args[i] is null.

The result is the same with

preparedStatement.setObject ( paramIndex , null );

or preparedStatement.setNull ( paramIndex , java.sql.Types.NULL );

Can anybody tell me what could be the problem and how do I rectify the same