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Has anyone used crystal reports from swing application ? I need to know a way to open crystal report from swing.

17 years ago
I have worked in J2EE, but have never done design. I didn't do well in protocols, legacy application and security topics. I used the Whizlabs mock and INESystem mock exam. Though INESystem made me concentrate more on design patterns. None of them is required to do the exam. I could monitor where I stand using these tests. I had to take the exam with in a short span. Though I failed in all the mock tests, I went ahead and took the test today. I feel this test is easy for a person with design experience and easy to clear for a person without experience with some amount of studying. I got all my doubts cleared using this site. Thanks to everyone in JavaRanch.
Thank you. I am not able to download the spec from sun site. Can you please forward that to me at
I am couldn't download EJB1.1 specification. I am getting a popup as "the document doesn't start with %PDF" as message. Is there any other location the spec is available from which i can download the spec.
Can you use BMT(Bean Managed Transaction) with Entity Bean ? True/ False. Please explain your answer. Or give me some link to read about this.
Thank you.
I took few mock tests available on the net. Some seems to say choose 2 for questions with multiple answers. Some just has check boxes. How is the real exam designed.
Thanks a lot
Select the correct sentences from below
a. In the mediator pattern the individual Objects participating in the collaboration maintain direct references to each other
b. Facade pattern is used to provide a simple interface to a subsystem comprising of a large number of objects.
c. Memento pattern preserves Encapsulation boundaries whil exposing an object's internal state
d. State pattern is used for operations that have large number of conditional statements based on the Object's state
b,c & d answers in my opinion.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------Which of the following are true about the Observer pattern ...
a. The subject is the publisher of the message and the Observer is the subscriber of the message notification
b. Observers can be dynamically added.
c. The Observer pattern supports broadcast communications
d. It promotes loose coupling between senders of messages and receivers of messages during communication
e. None of the above
a,c & d are the answers for this
---------------------------------------------------------------------------When is unsetEntityContext() invoked on an Entity bean?
a. When the entity bean is to be garbage collected
b. After an entity bean is garbage collected
c. after the finalize() method has been invoked on the EntityBean
d. None of the above
a is the answer for this.
Did you take Whizlabs tests ? I planned to take the test on 13th. After getting fail score in the Diagonostic and the Mock test 1. I am planning to postpone the test to wednesday. How close is the test to the mock tests avilable in the market.
Step1 =150
Step2 =250
Step3 =150
Assignment Submission =150
Is it totally $700 ??
Great Score . I started preparing. Still don't feel confidant to appear for the test. What are all the mock tests did you take ? Totally how many of the mock tests did you take ?
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