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Recent posts by Amy Caruso

I am curious about how many of you passing the SUN tests full-time employed?
Excellent! Thanks!
I didn't pass the beta, as a result of having to deal with so many "drag and drop" questions. In average, each single "drag and drop" had taken me 7-10 tries to complete or give up. I thusly think that the failure of my J2ME beta test was actually a failure of the test itself. Please do not document about me having failed the test in my candidate history. Thanks!
I am a SCBCD, however, I have to take a BrainBench test for EJB, since the client doesn't accept SCBCD.
Any tips about BrainBench EJB test will be appreciated.
Thanks, Kathy. So, how is it handled in DD if we have to (as suggested on page 56 of Core J2EE Patterns by Deepak Alur et al, for example)? I am asking about the issue, because many industrial applications are still using session beans with BMT to handle the transaction isolation levels, even though they are using EJB 2.0. Hope you can help.
What is the guideline of how BMT transaction isolation levels should be handled with session beans? And where may I find a piece of sample code doing that?
TIA for your help!
I heard that the beta certificates will expire after a year. Is that true?
Well I failed, as a result of having had a bad hangover on the test date. I'm willing to pay to get certified if I have to. And, congratulation to the winners whom have passed the exam.
Maybe it's "Inversion Of Control" -- IoC, at
Anyone knows how we will be notified of our test results?
An extension for the test is probably appropriate for whomever had gone through the hassle trying to reschedule using the new test vouchers, no?
Evelyn, do you know when the new test vouchers will be ready for use?

I received my new voucher and tried to use it, but it also showed an expiration date of February 25th when I tried to reschedule.

Me, too, having the same problem with new voucher.

SCJP 1.4
And more
Glad that you made it, Nicholas.
I am still waiting for a reply from and Evelyn.Cartagena@Sun.COM and may not be able to reschedule my test if they won't reply soon.