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Recent posts by Venkatesan Ramalingam

Is there any monitoring tools availalble for WLI domain server? We tried ManageEngine-Application Manager7 and we experienced that this is supporting only WLS domain server. Anything supports WLI server?
15 years ago
Yes..its possible to have managed servers running in a cluster domain when admin server is shut down.
15 years ago
My objective is to have a userid for weblogic admin console who can only view all the applications and resources been deployed on server.

I created a user as "Monitor" and associated to Monitors group and logged into weblogic console as Monitor. As expected, Create/Modify/Delete access is not given as for as resources under "Services" are concerned.

But still, that user has the control of stop and redploy the applications.
Also, graceful and force shutdown of the Server options are also available to Monitor userid.

How to prevent these options too for Monitor user?
15 years ago
Why Java and Oracle have a different approach in rounding the numbers with decimals?

In Java,
Math.round(1.5) gives the output as 2
Math.round(-1.5) gives the output as -1

In Oracle,
select round(1.5) from dual gives the output as 2
select round(-1.5) from dual gives the output as 2

If we look the outputs in both the platforms, positive rounding works fine as expected. But not the negative rounding.

This leads to produce mismatch reports which dealing with numbers and calculations.
15 years ago
Hi Joe,

[ The way I understand things, NodeManager is what does the communication between the admin and managed servers, so no, you can't create a domain (a cluster is a domain configured for failover/load balancing) without a NodeManager.]

Node Manager is a Java utility that runs as separate process from WebLogic Server and allows you to perform common operations tasks for a Managed Server, regardless of its location with respect to its Administration Server. While use of Node Manager is optional, it provides valuable benefits if your WebLogic Server environment hosts applications with high availability requirements.

If you run Node Manager on a machine that hosts Managed Servers, you can start and stop the Managed Servers remotely using the Administration Console or from the command line.

I sucessfully configured cluster and it works as it expected. But I didn't create node manager and machines. You still can configure a cluster with an admin server and 2 managed servers alone.

I have congifured Weblogic RDBMS event generator in the cluster domain. When I tested with 14 RDBMS events, they all equally processed ( 7 events each) in the 2 managed servers which is part of cluster.

Now when I shut down managed server1 and creating 14 rdbms events, the cluster is not processing the whole 14. What I expected was, all the 14 messages will get processed by managed server2. But its not happening. Only after bringing up the managed server1, it started consuming messages from RDBMS event generator. Any idea how to achieve the fail over behaviour in bea8.1 weblogic integration cluster domain??

Pl guide me.
15 years ago

Is there any online document available with the steps involved in setting up a cluster environment in weblogic8.1?

Have a doubt in that.
Can we have a cluster setup without configuring Machine and NodeManager ? I mean, only admin and managed servers.

I need to setup a cluster ( 1 adminserver , 1 managed server at one box and 1 managed server in another box).

Pl guide me how to proceed further in configuring the cluster in weblogic.

15 years ago