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Recent posts by Roger Johnson

Originally posted by Gerald Davis:

Being bitter by rattlesnakes can be fun,

better than eaten by lion

Originally posted by Gerald Davis:

being a passenger in of a maniac cab driver;

better than late for a flight

Originally posted by Gerald Davis:

jumping into an a pool of ice;

you may not die

Originally posted by Gerald Davis:

sweltering in the desert with no water;

you will run out of water no matter how much you bring with you

Originally posted by Gerald Davis:

being beaten up by Chinese guys;

better than killed by a bullet

my politics IQ tells me I better come up something, otherwise voter will change their idea soon.

18 years ago
I just want to say one word to you -- just one word -- 'marry money.'
18 years ago

Originally posted by Bert Bates:
w - d11 - just connect - it's getting nerve-wracking

18 years ago
i thought you have got up there

18 years ago
sounds like you are not employed, otherwise your employer will buy health insurance for you. how long are you in the US for? do you have insurance before you came to US? will it still cover you now?

perhaps you should talk to your auto insurance agent first...
18 years ago

Originally posted by Ilja Preuss:
In my experience, your job is most "secure" if you are good at it. And you are best in your job if you love it. So I'd argue that "doing what you like to do" actually is to some amount good advice for job security.

I haven't yet read it, but I've heard a lot of good things about the book "My Programming Job Went to India" - might be worth a look for you...

i slightly disagree.

"secure" is all about "winning the competition against your competitor". what really matter is not "how good are you", it is "how good are you compared to your competitor".

"doing what you like to do" imply that you don't like change. it may work out, it may not.

however, we all have destiny, no matter how hard you try. so "doing what you like to do" may not be the solution, but it gives your peace of mind.
18 years ago
learning languages is a waste of time and effort. God should have created human with only one language.

image all the wonderful things you can do with the time wasted on learning foreign languages. well, you may end up just sleeping, even that is good, you will live healthier and longer
18 years ago

what happens when you fall in love

you fall in love
18 years ago
i have not watch tv for half a year. did not feel missing anything. high speed internet is 10 times more important to me.

but with the approach of march madness, i got to hook up cable soon..
18 years ago
Sennheiser RS130, costs $100

that is 100 * ( 1 + 0.1 ) ^ 30 = $1,750 retirement money.

do you really want a headset now instead of a hp Digital Entertainment Center

think again

Originally posted by Unnsse Khan:
What is the better headset, Sennheiser or Plantronics?

My uses are:

(1) Listening to music on a computer.

(2) Getting the *BEST* quality voice transmission (on both ends), while using a chat program, such as Skype or MSN Instant Messenger.

This is what I've been considering:

Sennheiser RS130

Is there a product that's better than Sennheiser and Plantronics?

Kindest regards,

18 years ago

1. U. of North Carolina Tar Heels vs. U. of Duke Blue Devils / NCAA Basketball

duke university
18 years ago
I went to an Indian Buffet the other day. Food is pretty good. I noticed there were 2 kinds of ygurt: yogurt with spice, yogurt with mint, spice.

they look attractive, so i decided to have a cup of each. but as soon as i put first spoon in mouth, i almost spill out. i try the other yogurt, they are the same. they taste nothing in common with yogurt. is there anyone out there can appreciate the taste?
18 years ago

Originally posted by Chetan Parekh:
Are there any girls on JR with this device?

map, no doubt

18 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Wheaton:

I need a reason?

How about: It's fouling the formatting of the big-list-o-topics for MD.

how about:

we all gonna die

18 years ago
along the line, when one see "virginia's secret", he should say "not virgin"?
18 years ago