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Which does the purpose of the application-client.xml in the ejb-client.jar? And what does the ejb-client.jar must be ?


Thanks Alex!!

This is the problem. I don�t call getUserTransaction() in my EJB context object.
As I said, the hibernate use the UserTransaction interface, therefore this is not visible for me.
In realy, I don�t understanding the problem. The call for the method getUserTransaction is made indirectly by a POJO and not by a EJB.

If exists a transaction, initiate by EJB, the DAO-hibernate object will go to use the same transaction or it starts a new transaction?

Thanks for any tip!!
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I have a Stateless Sessin Bean CMT(trans-atributte= Required) that use a DAO with Hibernate, MBean service in jboss, like persistence layer.
The hibernate Mbean Service use UserTransaction interface supplied by container.

The following problem ocurred:

When a stand-alone remote client access this Bean and invoke sucessfuly my business method, that use dao objets, in the next time that any method that invoke any dao methods, this last throws a NullPointerException when the hibernate try take a getUserTransaction.

I learned that nested transactions are not suported in EJB. Would be any problem when any method those dao objects, call getUserTransaction inside a EJB CMT?

Thanks for all!

Thanks Alex !

This is the exactly that I needed!
I am using the JBoss!

I think that if no default attribute was assumed by the container would be more easy to discover given that one exception would be launched in start of the server.


I have this Stateless Session Bean CMT class

and this ejb DD:

Which the <trans-attribute> is assumed by container for all methods of MyBean ?

Thanks for all!
I take the exam today! I passed!
Thanks for All!
I register my exam, directly in the prometric site, successfully!
Thanks, Paul!
When did you register this exam?

I visited prometric site and sun certification site at last two months. The exam CX 310-080 consists of the list of the exams.
I bought a Voucher and a book (SCWCD Exam Study Kit )for this certification.
Today, I contact the APTC of my city and I was informed that this exam don't have available.

I'm infuriated!!!
[ February 27, 2004: Message edited by: Adilson Jardim ]