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Recent posts by Simon Havenith

It works for me. What issues are you having?
18 years ago
Try adding the system property, like this

[ November 15, 2005: Message edited by: Simon Havenith ]
18 years ago
Hi All

I would like to get the default proxy for HTTP using ProxySelector.getDefault() under Java 5. To do this you have to set the system property e.g. System.setProperty("","true")
This works, but when I then try to do a simple connect via a socket, the socket can no longer connect. If I don't set "" my socket connection code works.

Oddly enough, if I go through a, I can connect just fine. It is my understanding that URL is a wrapper for an eventual socket connection, but there must be some magic going on that I haven't found in the packages.

I'm using org.apache.commons.httpclient, and it seems to suffer from this socket issue. I presume they make socket connections as well, and avoid using the

How can I get the best of both worlds: dynamic proxy discovery and socket connections/org.apache.commons.httpclient?
[ November 09, 2005: Message edited by: Simon Havenith ]
How about :
create table workout (
userId varchar(32) ,
workoutId mediumint,
workoutDate date,
workoutType tinyint,
creationDate date,
lastUpdateDate timestamp,
lastUpdateUserId varchar(32),
PRIMARY KEY (userId,workoutId)) ;
[ March 01, 2004: Message edited by: Simon Havenith ]