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Recent posts by Mrudula Madiraju

Hi All;
I am very new to lotus notes and I am trying to send a email through lotus notes server but I am getting the following exception:
"4271 Password or other security violation for database"
I have installed the Lotus Notes client on my m/c ver. 5.0.3. and I am trying to connect to remote server
Here is the Code that i using
import lotus.domino.*;
public class SendLotusMail extends AgentBase {
public static void main(String args[]) {
String userID = "uid";
String pwd = "passwd";
String serverName = "server_name";
String mailfile = "mail_file";
try {
String x = null;
Session session = NotesFactory.createSession(x, x, pwd);
Database db = session.getDatabase(server_name, mailfile);
Document email = db.createDocument();
email.appendItemValue("From","the junk address");
email.appendItemValue("Subject", "Test Secure E-Mail ");
email.appendItemValue("ReturnReceipt", "1");
//add attatchment
RichTextItem rtitem = email.createRichTextItem("Body");
email.send(true,"recepient mail address ");
} catch (NotesException e) {

System.out.println("Exception--->" + + " " + e.text);
19 years ago
I need my application to be able to send mails to addresses with multiple @signs
For eg:-
How can I acheive that?
19 years ago
How can i distinguish between Delivery Failure and Return Receipt(from Server not User) in JavaMail program?
19 years ago
Entity beans have two types of fields - CMR and CMP.
A CMR - is a relationship field. For eg:- A CustomerEntityBean can have a AddressEntityBean.
Now this AddressEB should be accessible to the CustomerEB ONLY via the local interface. This makes sense since the address bean would be local to the customer bean.
To rephrase MZ's notes:-
A CMR's declared type has to be a local interface type.
How does one graduate from a 'green horn' to 'ranch hand' and above in the JavaRanch trail?
Just curious.
19 years ago
How about starting a SCBCD FAQ page just like the SCWCD? Most questions get repeated too many times and ppl don't bother answering them.
For instance the question abt the EJBObject of a stateless bean in ejbCreate() has been asked atleast every two pages. The answer (which I found after a lot of searching in the forum) is best answered in
Another one is on the errors of HF. The known error list url can be given here
[ March 17, 2004: Message edited by: Mrudula Madiraju ]
Remember SLSBs lifecycle is under the control of the container? The container creates a bunch of beans and keeps them ready to process client requests. This implies that the ejbCreate is called by the container and that in turn explains why there is no transaction to be rolled back or to get the status.
Certified SCBCD - 94% ...... after a month's preparation of HeadFirstEJB, Mikalai Zaikin's notes and a little Haefel + practice exams from and
But there are two points abt the exam that I wish to bring to notice of aspiring candidates and the Sun Certification authorities (How do I go about it?).
1) The "drag and drop" questions were *very* difficult to use. You can't "drop" a box into the slot unless you exactly align with the outline of the slot. It would have been more easier if the process worked like in the Solitaire game. If you drag the box to the area of the slot and release it, it should fit within the slot. I spent so much precious time trying to get this right.
2) The second and worse problem is review of these drag and drop questions. You cannot review your answer. If you try, your previous entry is lost!!! Of course, you get a warning this is going to happen - but this is a very inconvinient and illogical thing to happen!
I feel the GUI should have been more intelligent and user-friendly.
[ March 14, 2004: Message edited by: Mrudula Madiraju ]
[ March 14, 2004: Message edited by: Mrudula Madiraju ]
19 years ago
Never mind. Looks like this topic has been beaten to death in the last few posts.
Thanks :-)
How is it that a stateless bean is able to get a reference to the EJBObject in the ejbCreate() method?
When the bean is created (by the container) it is not yet assigned to any client. So there is no EJBObject yet, right?