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Recent posts by Eusebio Floriano

Hi Randy,

I'm sure Peter can give you an awesome explanation about the improvements or enhancements that he considers the most important ones. If you want to dive deep into the official release note, you can find the extended list of changes here.
1 year ago
At my company, we paid our technical debit and migrated our applications from Python 2.7 to Python 3.5 with very low friction.
2 years ago
It makes sense what you both said, that XYZDAO has a EntityManager rather than is a.

But i'm still confused with Foster's comment:

The stereotype will be <<front controller>>, <<stateless EJB>> and <<DAO>>  

As 'Front Controller' and 'DAO' are patterns, shouldn't the service class be stereotyped as <<Business Service>>, for example ?

Thanks in advance, guys.

I'm designing architecture for a regular CRUD operation. My questions would be regarding the proper stereotypes, mainly for my APIGateway and DAO classes, which i mapped as <JAX-RS>> and <<EntityManager>> respectively.

I'll attach my draft design.

Could you give your thoughts on that ?



Altough is possible to use JMS in synchronous integration, the given scenarios in OCMJEA, if it's mandatory to be synchronous, should JMS not be eligible for this requirement, regarding the best practices?

In the company for which i work, wage policy by productivity and/or by goals. These goals are reviewed semi annually.
If the employee and the manager have consent that a specific certification (and the knowledge obtained to get it) would be valuable for both, there would be an increase.
Otherwise, the company not even pay the vouchers required.

It was exactly what i was looking for.
Thank you very much.

13 years ago

I would like that my app could get a resource that is out of my ear but
using a relative path.
For example,
if my app is deployed in "c:\jboss-4.0.0\server\myapp\deploy", i would like to
access "c:\jboss-4.0.0\sever\myapp\conf\blabla".
But if using the relative path is "c:\jboss-4.0.0\bin", right ? So, how to get the information that my application is running on the context "myapp" ?
As these resources are not in my classpath, i can�t use

Does anyone know how to help me ?

13 years ago
The following snippet

provides the output

Why did it round the float convertion since "666666.77" is less than Float.MAX_VALUE ?

13 years ago

This expression is converted to
, right ?

Now i see ...


Why does the the follwing code :

has the result 24 ?
I couldn�t figure it out.

If you lost your voucher number you can get its number from the Sun
but if your voucher is expired, i don�t thinh so.

Hi all,

Could anyone send me (vkboss at hotmail (dot) com) a copy of his notes ?
Thx for the replies ...
I�ll purchase it right now.


Wich paid simulators for SCJP 5.0 do you recommend ?

I�ve heard good things about Whizlabs. Is there any another ?
And specifically for the whizlabs, when you buy the product,
you download the program and receive a license key or you must
wait the product (cd and so one) be delivered ?