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Recent posts by Maris Orbidans

marc weber wrote:It would be terrific to get content into iBooks, because that's such a cool reader. But for now, I'm just using GoodReader for PDF files.

I tried many PDF readers and I like FastPDF the most. It is very similar to iBooks.
And I use Air Share HD for file transfer. It can copy folders so you can get all your PDFs into iPad at once without copying files one by one.
13 years ago
How threads interact is described in Java Memory Model. You can read the JMM specification or 'Java Concurrency in Practice' book.

Maris Orbidans wrote:
From the JavaEE spec view I think that this is how each app server should work.

It is not specified in J2EE. I am not sure about JEE.

Maris Orbidans wrote:But if you have identical classes (with the same name) in both EARs then you shouldn't have any problems even if you got common classloader for all EARs.

I think that should lead to a class loader exception, or what do you mean by common class loader?

If you have one classloader for all EAR files then you will get class version whichever happens to be first on classpath. If not it should not cause classloader exceptions either.
Why dont you try and tell us how it works.
Is "Grails 1.1 Web Application Development" book better than Grails in Action (Manning) ?
14 years ago

Darya Akbari wrote:Wouldn't that lead to a class loader exception?

It depends whether your app server creates a classloader for each EAR. But if you have identical classes (with the same name) in both EARs then you shouldn't have any problems even if you got common classloader for all EARs.
I fixed your code

14 years ago
Brian, your code isn't correct. It wont even compile because primitives cannot be used as parametric types.

14 years ago

Darya Akbari wrote:

Maris Orbidans wrote:I think you will need to put JAR file in both EARs.

This would be an option but wouldn't that lead to an JNDI exception "JNDI name already exists" or the like?

AFAIK persistence module doesn't publish anything in JNDI.

Sudhakar Kumar wrote: (I can read properties, but the corresponding data how to pick dynamically)... Can we do it from java?

Do you want to specify in config file which property of UserDN will be shown in each UI field ?

You need to use reflection or use Commons BeanUtils.

14 years ago

Asha Santhosh wrote:Hi,
So my thread is getting stuck/hung. So my application is not coming out.

Use daemon threads for CORBA comms. Your app will terminate if only daemon threads are running.
read javadoc before coding !

The interrupted status of the current thread is cleared when this exception is thrown.

Is "Ruby in Practice" book better than "Programming Ruby" ?
15 years ago

Joe Ess wrote:
There is no socket notification functionality in the standard API.

There is in NIO.