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Recent posts by Carlos Valcarcel

Originally posted by Dirk Schreckmann:
Thank you to Carlos Valcarcel for hanging out with us, answering questions. Also, thank you to Sams for providing four copies of "Eclipse 3.0 Kick Start" to our winners.

Thanks for having this great promotion! As usual, I was inundated with
work, but I will gladly continue to answer questions. At the
very least feel free to email the questions over and I will
endeavour to answer as best I can!

Thanks again!


Originally posted by Arun Subbu:
Hi Carlos,
Sorry it was my mistake to say two workspaces. I have two projects in one workspace and this gives the problem I said earlier.

Okay, now more information is in order. Are both projects pointing to the same directory structure? Why is it bad they they get built? Eclipse wants to keep all of the files in sync so unless you turn off the auto rebuild Eclipse will try to keep everything in working order at all times.


Originally posted by Naina Si:
I saw this in Appendix C in TOC
"Running Ant Tasks from Within Eclipse"

Is this IDE only helpful in Running Ant Tasks or
Does this editor help in writing ANT script provided we specify all the info. like source and output directory along with the projects (web, EJB etc)

Eclipse supports the creation of Ant scripts through the use of their Ant editor. They do not generate Ant scripts based on internal project information. I expect that they will add support for that as it is in their feature request database.

The Ant appendix discusses the Ant editor and how to run Ant tasks fro within Eclipse.

[ February 09, 2005: Message edited by: Carlos Valcarcel ]

Originally posted by Naina Si:

I'm surprised to learn that there is no direct support for Web Services in Eclipse 3.0. Anyway, thanks for the info.

Look at the Eclipse Web Tools project. They have support for Web Services. There is a developerWorks article about it at:


Originally posted by Ko Ko Naing:

Guys, do you mean that WSAD is good just to use with WAS? I haven't heard that WSAD is such server-specfic IDE... Can anyone comment on this? Thanks a lot for your great opinions on the issue of Eclipse and WSAD...

WSAD/RAD is meant to be used with Websphere and Tomcat though there is support for Weblogic with the addition of a plug-in (at least that's what I've heard). If you are not deploying to Websphere WSAD may not be for you.


Originally posted by Mark Binau:
I have been using WSAD for a short while in my day job and I really like it. At the office we deploy .ear files to our WAS environment.

Just for fun (on my own dime) I have also barely started to look at Eclipse and using it with Tomcat as the application server. Does the concept of an J2EE Enterprise Application (ear) project exist in Eclipse/Tomcat? In WSAD I can select New/Project/J2EE/Enterprise Application Project. In Eclipse, I don't have J2EE as a choice. Is there a plugin for this functionality?

In WSAD the GUI interface for the EAR (application) Deployment Descriptor allowed me to specify a utility project where I could keep classes that were common to multiple projects. Does this functionality exist for Eclipse?

Carlos, if I had read your book would I already know the answers to these questions?


If you want to do J2EE development you will be best served by looking at plug-ins like MyEclipse, Sysdeo Tomcat, Lomboz and the WebTools project. Out-of-the-box Eclipse only does plain Java development. You could always execute Ant from within Eclipse to create the various things you need, but a plug-in will be more convenient.


Originally posted by Mary Wallace:
I imported workspace from eclipse 2 to 3. Eventhough I can see the files when I check the eclipse 3 workspace dir I can not see the files?

When you say that you imported the workspace what exactly did you do? It sounds like you copied the files into your 3.0 workspace. Did you import the various projects using the Import dialog? If not, you need to do that.


Originally posted by Jon Brasted:

I use Eclipse 3.1 and it bugs me how Eclipse takes so long to start up. The splash screen loads and does not disappear for about 10 seconds, while all the modules are loaded. Is it at all possible to disable some to make Eclipse quicker to start up?

Is at all possible to have multiple 'workspaces' open at the same time within the same instance of Eclipse, much like with Netbeans? With Netbeans, you can have multiple projects within different directories (not just same parent directory) open at the same time using 'Mount Filesystem'. Is anything like this possible with Eclipse?

Many thanks for taking the time to read these questions and if you reply,

To load fewer plug-ins: check your Preferences->Workbench->Startup and Shutdown to make sure that the plug-ins you have installed aren't loading themselves at startup time. I found that MyEclipse loads a large number of plug-ins at startup time.

I have not seen multiple workspaces open within one instance of Eclipse. You can however open multiple instances of Eclipse to view the various workspaces. Yes, that can be annoying based on how you have laid out your development effort among your teammates.

[ February 09, 2005: Message edited by: Carlos Valcarcel ]

Originally posted by Jeff Langr:
Greetings Carlos,

What about the 3.1 "M" versions? Does the plugin architecture for these differ from 3.0?


I have to admit to not spending a lot of time investigating the internals of 3.1. However, as of 3.0 they have been making a big deal about upward compatibility so my feeling is that 3.0 plug-ins should work with 3.1, but I haven't tried it out yet. Perhaps when I start my JDO project....


Originally posted by Naina Si:

I'm using WSAD 5.1.2, how useful is your book for people working with WSAD 5.1.X?

It will be useful if you are moving to RAD 6.0 or if you have using Eclipse in addition to WSAD. The book's main focus is on the base IDE and a collection of plug-ins I thought would be useful to developers in implementing J2EE applications. I also spend some time discussing plug-in development.


Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:
Does Eclipse 3.0 support XDE? Or I need to install it by myself?


XDE is a totally separate product. You do not need to install Eclipse to install XDE.


Originally posted by Ko Ko Naing:

Hi Carlos,
Do you mean that the name WSAD has been changed to another name? I didn't know about that...

Since you said you are a big fan of WSAD, do u usually follow the releases of Eclipse or the releases of WSAD? Do u encourage someone to use WSAD instead of Eclipse, if he/she can afford it? Because the company I am working for is currently in this situation...


IBM has changed the name from WSAD to RAD (Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software). There will be no WSAD 6.0 only RAD 6.0. RAD is based on Eclipse 3.0.

If you can afford it, yes, go with WSAD. But if you can afford WSAD then perhaps you need to check out other IDEs as well in case they will deliver more value for the kind of development you engage in.


Originally posted by Anthony Smith:
Eclipse is a memory beast. How can I control it?

Like most Java programs, once it starts consuming memory it refuses to give it back (that is actually a JVM issue, not really an app issue).

I have 1G on my notebook and always make sure that I shutdown Eclipse at least once a day. Not having a Unix box I don't know what the memory behavior is on Linux or Solaris.

Something you can do is check that you only preload just the plug-ins you need (which should not be many) at startup. Open Window->Preferences->Workbench->Startup and Shutdown to make sure that the plug-ins you have loaded have not hijacked Eclipse behind your back.

I only have the following 3 plug-in load at startup:
Automatic Updates Scheduler
Internet Preferences
Content Properties


Originally posted by Ko Ko Naing:
Hi Carlos,
I have found out that Java(TM) Developer's Guide to Eclipse, 2nd Edition got pretty high rating in Amazon as well as in the book review forum of our Ranch by our sheriff, Mr.Thomas Paul, here.

If you have read this book, could you mention a bit to us about the writing approach that you use to present the Eclipse topics in your book, comparing to that book? I am just curious to know how the two high rating books like yours and that book differ in writing or presentation style...

If you have not read that book yet, it does not matter...

Thanks a lot...

I love the Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse! I have both editions.

With that said, my approach was more of a tutorial approach. There are certain things that I wanted more hand-holding on that I did not find in the JDGE book that you will find in my book (like creating plug-ins). One chapter walks you through adding to the New dialog, the Preferences dialog and a custom Wizard in very fine detail. The JDGE gives enough information for you to figure it out, but I just flat out tell you.

However, Eclipse is big. I do not cover everything and there is still plenty I wanted to write about and just ran out of time. The JDGE (and books like it) are great places to find nitty-gritty detail info. There are also plenty of tutorials in JDGE as well!


Originally posted by Fred Grott:
I do not mean to contradict the author but Lomboz must be uptodate as it became the WebTools contribution along with IBM web tools as a full eclispe project in the IDE downlaods since IDE version 3.0..

Its one of the reasons I switched to Eclipse from Netbeans as its really all the way free..

Feel free to contradict me! I am wrong so often I wonder how I get any work done.

My original work with Lomboz was a while ago. While it is true that Lomboz has been contributed to the Web Tools project (and I am really looking forward to it), it did fall behind compared to plug-ins like MyEclipse. Have they caught up? I don't know, but I hope so because I fully intend to move to the Web Tools plug-in when it comes together!