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Recent posts by Yell Srik

I have a HP Pavilion 8622 PC with the hard disk size of 10 GB and Windows XP operating system. The entire hard disk was present as a single drive C: on my machine.
Later i upgraded my system by buying a new hard disk of size 40 GB and partitioned it into 4 drives of 10 GB each and thus i had 5 drives, 4 of them (C, E, F, G ) for my new hard disk and 1 drive (D for my old hard disk. Everything was working fine without any problem.
But for the last couple of days, i am unable to see/view my old hard disk (drive D . the Drive letters have got modified and my combo-drive shows up as drive D. the new hard disk with the 4 partitions is intact.
Recently i upgraded my CRT monitor with a new LCD monitor and i was not present when my hardware vendor changed the monitor. the problem that i had mentioned above is occuring right from the day my monitor was changed. I am not sure if this is the cause of my problem.

Please let me know why my old hard disk is not visible.

Thanks in advance.
16 years ago

In my form, i have two elements: a textbox and an select box

In the current implementation, the user can only type a value in the textbox or select a value from the dropdown.

Now i want to modify this implementation in such a way that instead of having a textbox and a select box, i want to have a single editable dropdown with the values aa,bb and cc and the user can enter some value in the dropdown itself?? How can this be done??

Thanks in advance.
I have a CD (an ordinary CR-ROM) in which i have a larger collection of personal photos. Now my requirement is that whenever i play this CD (ie watch the photos in the computer or a DVD player), i want music to be played in the background.
How can this be acheived??

Thanks in advance.
17 years ago
I need to acheive the following functionality:

In my HTML form,

Now my requirement is that when the user enters value in the textbox as 1-5 and clicks on the submit button my output should be:


if the user enters 1,5 in the textbox the output should be:

value 1
value 5

Can anyone give me an idea on how to implement this functionality in javascript? Thanks in advance
I want to do a validation of my checkbox so that the only valid values that are allowed are
a to z, A to Z, aa to zz and AA to ZZ.

i am using the following code to acheive this:

But it is displaying the alert message even if i enter a valid value like 'aa'?

Can u tell me where i am going wrong?? I want to know if my reference string is given properly?

Thanks in advance.
The following is the code i am using to validate the entries into a textbox:

In the above code, if any value other that 0 to 9 is entered, alert is thrown.

Now i want this code to be modified such that only 1 or 2 digit number should be valid ie if i enter 111 or 2345, it should throw the alert message.

How can i acheive this??

Thanks in advance
I have jdk1.3 installed on my machine.

When i executed a JDBC program on my machine, the errors i got were:
(1) "import java.sql.*" cannot be resolved
(2) "import javax.sql.DataSource" cannot be resolved.
On googling, i found the reason for this and then i downloaded the JDBC 2.0 Optional Package for jdk1.3 from Sun's website and installed it on my machine in the folder path: C:\jdk1.3\jre\lib\ext
and also added it to my classpath variable.

But when i run my JDBC program, it is still giving me the error
"import javax.sql.DataSource" cannot be resolved.

how can this be resolved?

Thanks in advance.
I have a HP Pavilion PC with Windows XP OS (667 Mhz, 192 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard disk)

Whenever i boot my system, it always displays the message: "Your disk has to be scanned for errors. Please press any key within 20 seconds to stop disk scanning"
If i allow the disk scanning, it scans my systems, but immediately throws up the an error message in blue background which is something like:"PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Error in SMBios.sys etc etc
Please restart the system to continue" and i have to restart my machine.

But when i stop automatic disk checking by pressing any key, my system boots up normally.
It hangs only when i allow the automatic disk checking for errors.
What might be the reason for this?

thanks in advance.
17 years ago
I need a small clarification regarding the usage of firewall.

I have recently taken a new broadband internet connection. While configuring my machine, the computer technician enabled the Win XP firewall but did not install any anti-virus software.

He told me that since firewall is enabled, there is no need for any anti-virus software on my PC. he advised me not to install any anti-virus software.
I want to know if he is right??

If yes, then how can i check if the contents of a CD or email attachments or files copied from a floppy, CD etc are free of viruses without using an anti-virus software??

Thanks in advance.
17 years ago

I have a HP Pavilion PC with Intel P III, 667 Mhz, 10 GB HDD, 64 MB RAM, Internal modem with Windows 98SE OS.
My sound card was Aureal Vortex (Au 8810)

A month back, i upgraded my PC to Windows XP, 40 GB HDD and 128 MB RAM and have taken a new broadband connection.

Now my sound is not working. When i checked my sound card details in 'Device Manager' it shows as UniModem Half duplex Audio" and Aztech SoftK56 PCI Modem is shown as my audio device. i do not know why my sound device is listed as 'Aztech' when it was originally 'Aureal Vortex'.

For a couple of days, i was able to get sound but after that again it got lost and i am unable to hear any sound now. Occassionally while booting, a resouce conflict error is thrown.

Also, when i click on 'Volume Control', it shows me the message "There are no mixer devices avaialble. To install mixer devices, use Add/Remove programs options from the Control Panel".

When i try to play any music file, i get some message, "There may be no sound card on your machine or your sound card driver may have been corrupted"

i tried searching the net but most solutions given on the net have not worked. i updated the drivers too but in vain.

How should i proceed now??
17 years ago
Hi Sameer,
Thanks for the reply.
It is not a corrupted file. Because in that account, i am unable to open any file in any of the formats like doc, ppt, txt, jpg, gif etc.
I am not talking of a single file. Whatever attachment i get, i am unable to 'view' it.
17 years ago
I have an email account with
In this account, whenever i receive any attachments and click on 'View Attachment' option, i am getting an error message, "The file cannot be opened". But when i save it, i am able to open and view the document.
When i open a different sify email account on the same machine, i am able to view the attachments.
I checked the same mail account (the one where i was unable to view attachments) on another machine and here the 'View Attachment' option works perfectly
What might be the reason for why i am unable to view the attachments in my machine?
17 years ago
thanks for the reply.

As i was contemplating reinstalling the drivers, a couple of days ago, the sound started working properly by itself and i have not faced the problem since then

Dunno how it got solved (as i had not done anything) but happily it is working fine now
17 years ago
I have a HP-PAVILION PC with 657 MHZ Intel III Processor, 192 MB DDRRAM, 40GB Hard Disk, Windows XP OS.

Intially when i bought my PC 4 years back, it had 10 GB HDD with Win98SE OS and it had Aureal (Au8810) sound card. The upgrade was done last year and i was not present when the upgradation was done.

From yesterday my sound is not working at all . even the system sounds are not working and i am getting the error message: There may be no sound card or sound card drivers may not be working".

When i veiwed my system info, i found the audio device listed as "Unimodem half-duplex audio" which i read in a site is not a proper sound device.

Now what should be done?? How to check if my audio device has changed and how can i reinstall my previous sound device??
or is it ok to continue using Unimodem half-duplex audio as my audio device and try reinstalling its drivers??

Thanks in advance.
17 years ago