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Recent posts by Debajyoti Pathak

Go the solution to my problem.I added a taskdef to my build file.
<taskdef name="servicegen" classname="weblogic.ant.taskdefs.webservices.servicegen.ServiceGenTask"/>

But the point that I still do not get is, how does the same build file ( without the taskdef) work from the command prompt ?

I would appreciate your inputs on the above.

18 years ago
I am trying to build webservices from within Eclipse using Ant. For that I am using the weblogic 'servicegen' ant task. But I get the following error.
( I have included both weblogic.jar and webservices.jar in the ant path under windows>preferences>ant>runtime, but that doesn't work. The same build file however works from the command prompt). I have also included the build file and error message below.


Buildfile: C:\eclipse\workspace\WebServices\src\build.xml
[echo] C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-antlr.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-apache-bcel.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-apache-bsf.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-apache-log4j.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-apache-oro.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-apache-regexp.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-apache-resolver.jar;C :\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-commons-logging.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-commons-net.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-icontract.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-jai.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-javamail.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-jdepend.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-jmf.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-jsch.jar;C:\eclipse\plugin s\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-junit.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-launcher.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-netrexx.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-nodeps.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-starteam.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-stylebook.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-swing.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-trax.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\l ib\ant-vaj.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-weblogic.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-xalan1.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.2\lib\ant-xslp.jar;C:\eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.ant.ui_3.0.2\lib\remoteAnt.jar;C:\bea\jdk141_03\lib\tools.jar;C:\bea\weblogic81\server\lib\weblogic.jar;C:\bea\weblogic81\server\lib\webservices.jar
BUILD FAILED: C:\eclipse\workspace\WebServices\src\build.xml:8: Could not create task or type of type: servicegen.

Ant could not find the task or a class this task relies upon.

This is common and has a number of causes; the usual
solutions are to read the manual pages then download and
install needed JAR files, or fix the build file:
- You have misspelt 'servicegen'.
Fix: check your spelling.
- The task needs an external JAR file to execute
and this is not found at the right place in the classpath.
Fix: check the documentation for dependencies.
Fix: declare the task.
- The task is an Ant optional task and the JAR file and/or libraries
implementing the functionality were not found at the time you
yourself built your installation of Ant from the Ant sources.
Fix: Look in the ANT_HOME/lib for the 'ant-' JAR corresponding to the
task and make sure it contains more than merely a META-INF/MANIFEST.MF.
If all it contains is the manifest, then rebuild Ant with the needed
libraries present in ${ant.home}/lib/optional/ , or alternatively,
download a pre-built release version from
- The build file was written for a later version of Ant
Fix: upgrade to at least the latest release version of Ant
- The task is not an Ant core or optional task
and needs to be declared using <taskdef>.
- You are attempting to use a task defined using
<presetdef> or <macrodef> but have spelt wrong or not
defined it at the point of use

Remember that for JAR files to be visible to Ant tasks implemented
in ANT_HOME/lib, the files must be in the same directory or on the

Please neither file bug reports on this problem, nor email the
Ant mailing lists, until all of these causes have been explored,
as this is not an Ant bug.
Total time: 1 second

build file

<project name="buildWebservice" default="ear">
<target name="ear">
<echo message="${java.class.path}"/>
<path id="myid">
<pathelement path="${java.class.path}"/>
<pathelement path="."/>
<servicegen destEar="testWebService.ear" contextURI="WebServices" >
<classpath refid="myid"/>

style="rpc" >
<client packageName="com.wls8unleashed.webservices.javaclass" />

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance
18 years ago
Absolutely !
I faced the same problem and emailed suncert@prometric. My id was enabled within the next day.
But now, it has been more than a month since I appeared Part 3( I took it on Sep 29 ) and I have still not got my result. It is beginning to worry me.
[ October 31, 2003: Message edited by: Debajyoti Pathak ]
Yes. Right click on the aggregation link and Open specification. You will observe tabs saying "Role A details", "Role B details" etc. On the appropiate role tab, check the radio button "Containment by value"
Debajyoti Pathak

Originally posted by dbala subramaniam:
Dear Kiran
please let me know howlong took for Part II result
I uploaded on Aug 11 till no reply , if have any idea please
next give general idea about Part III exam
Is it required take up a coupon for Part III
since we paid around U$ 480 for part II
give some idea
with regards

You need to give your part 3 exam to get results for your part 2. actually your part 2 assignment is evaluated only after you have taken the part 3 test.
How did you address the QoS requirements ? for example how did you establish that your response time in a certain scenario A was less than x seconds.
If you can provide some insight (without revealing your assignment ), that would be great.

Originally posted by Jitu:
No i did not change either the domain model or use cases.
I had provided :
1 class diagram
4 Component digrams
4 sequence diagrams.
It would not matter how many classes etc. you create. I had 17. Mostly domain classes and a few other. But no JSPs/Servlets etc.
You must cover all requirements. I named my classes appropriately, so it is easy to understand which class is for what.
Used and documented the design patterns.
Put notes in my diagrams where i felt it was necessary.
Kept my documentation clear and short.

Only after the whole thing is marked.
Thanks to all of you.
Hi All,
I passed part 1(93%) a few days back. Although I have not been an active participant in this forum, I did used to regularly browse the messages. I have benifitted a lot from this forum.
This is my suggestion for people who are going to take the test in future.
1. Know your facts well. Read the material suggested in this forum. That is more than enough
2. You could use the mock tests if you feel so. But they are not absolutely necessary. I did without them.
3. Browse through the messages of other people who have already passed. They have said it all regarding question patterns, topics covered etc. I have nothing more to add to that.
4. Use this forum for communication. There is also a similar forum in Yahoo Groups but I feel that is not necessary. I have not visited that much.
Good Luck
Is the old guide still available then ? I searched it by author name in the bookshops and couldn't find it.
Is this guide available in India? I have searched a few bookshops in Bangalore,India but couldn't find it.

Originally posted by Vaibhav B:
Hi all
Exam is not that easy as programmer certification.
I have stressed on two books i.e J2EE blue prints
and EJB by oreilly.
For Messaging and i18n refer to tutorials from sun site.
Security is described better in Java2Security.PDF
Jawaroski notes were also helpful in understanding
firewalls and digital certificates.
Do EJB very well.

Are you still around ? Can you please provide the links to the following tutorials that you have mentioned.

[This message has been edited by Debajyoti Pathak (edited November 30, 2001).]
Maybe a silly question to ask ..
If I post some data to a secure url( https://....) does the secure connection get established before the data is posted or after the data is posted.
You can also specify the classpath within your command line with the -cp option.
However if you are setting the classpath separately, I would think that you should provide the commands for that also.
sorry for the late reply. I am not able to visit this forum regularly nowadays.
As regards your question, you have absolutely nothing to worry for the follow up exam. The questions will be based on your assignment and are very easy. Just be ready to explain what you have done and why you have done it that way. Also know the pros and cons of rmi and sockets.
All the best !!