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in page
13 years ago
We found another solution for this issue.
by changing the oracle system setting parameter "nls_sort"

change it to nls_sort = BINARY_AI will solve the puzzle
Hi James,
is there a public access to the toplink bug tracking system?
There are few people in my organization who also interested in the defect you reported.
Thanks a lot James,
I will take a look at Toplink expression query, i guess it should do the trick
I can use lower() or upper() in where clause.
But there is always a parse exception thrown when i tried to use it in main clause or order by clause.

select s from Student s where lower(s.name) like 'm%'

exception thrown:
select s from Student s where s.name like 'm%' order by lower(s.name)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Why i am asking this is that the resultset returned from database is not alphabetical sorted but ascii sorted, which means any characters with upper case is always prior to the ones with lower case. i.e. Zac is prior to billy in ascending order which is not acceptable.

If EJB-QL doesn't support using lower() in order by clause, do I have any other options to avoid this problem?

BTW, it is the Oracle 10g we are using as DB
TOPLINK as the ORM framework

many thanks,
[ November 29, 2007: Message edited by: Edward He ]
I have the exactly the same problem. Is there anyone have any ideas? Struts don't validate request incomings but the populated forms.
15 years ago
i've read an article at China Software Developer Network about Solution of Chinese Charactor Set in Struts Property File
i guess u should recognize simplified Chinese writings
17 years ago