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Whizlabs - I found the simulator useful, UI is dazzy and very user friendly with very few bugs.. But the entire set of questions are in public domain. Not sure how someone could violate copyrights and keep those questions along with their resume on the same website

And if one scores 80% in Whizlabs exams, there is high probability that they will pass Part 1. Not because Whizlabs quizes are good, but because SCEA Part 1 is very monotonous with a very limited question bank.

Whizlabs is giving 30% off of their exams for limited time. I dont have the exact email they had sent regarding the details. You may contact Shwetha at this email ID

PS: I am no way connected to Whizlabs
I agree with your views. These were my ideas along with other members opinions about the same topic.
[ December 16, 2005: Message edited by: VamC Poondla ]
Is it a good practice to have a filter which does a remote call and based on the result, redirect the request or massage the request with more data etc.

I am feeling not. But it is a mere gut feel opinion. So, I want the forum to express their opinion.

It won't and it shouldn't. But I am curious.
Hearty Congratulations Jason. Good score.
There is 10% discount across all certfication vouchers according to Sun Web Site.
Thanks Arun. I want to know what will be the total cost.
Part 1 - 7200
Part 2 - ???
Part 3 - ???

I see lots of people who submitted assignment recently. So, please someone answer me.

Can someone let me know what will it cost for buying vouchers for SCEA exam. (all 3 parts) in INDIA?


Originally posted by Theodore Casser:
Regarding the second question - you need to provide whatever documentation you would normally provide for a project of this profile. If you decide that you do not need such things, then that's what you should submit. Likewise, if you feel you should supply copious documentation, then that's what you should submit. The idea of the project is to show how you work as a software architect and your ability to design a solution to their problem.

While I completey agree with Theodore Casser's opinion, I would like to add my 2 cents worth.

UML, being a modeling language may not competely convey all you wanted to say about your architecure. Patterns, being the choice of conveying reusable design artificats, it is better to document so that whoever implements this architecture, will be able to understand it better.
Some of the patterns are too difficult to miss. For example CommandManager etc specify that it uses Command Pattern. But I had a section for Design Patterns alone in my arch doc. I specified why I choose that pattern in that context and what I am gaining by that.

Coming to Component Diagram, it contains different components in the system packaged according to the tier they belong to. And I specified all associations between the components.

I think my UML Compiance is bad. I used UML 2.0 for Component and Class diagrams. But UML 1.4 notation for Interaction Diagrams.
My assignment consists of
a) Two class diagrams
Business Model - with around 20 classes
Web App Framework Diagram - around 8 classes

b) Six Sequence Diagrams
5 Use cases
1 genral control flow

c) One Component diagram

d) One Deployment Diagram

e) A brief writeup of my architecture HTML Document which comes to 4 pages if printed in A4 size.

Few things I want to mention are:
1) I gave all strengths and weaknesses of my architecture in the writeup and the trade-offs for choosing such architecture.
2) I used steriotypes extensively in all UML diagrams
3) I gave a high level abstraction of the system without dwelving into implementation details much

I asked my co-developer in my team and asked him whether he understood what I am submitting or not. He asked some valid questions for which I could find answers in my architecture. So, I was convinced of my assignment and uploaded and immly wrote part 3.

It took exactly 1 month for results to come. Not a day less, not a day more.

What do you think is the better way?

Check Prepare Itinerary Use case and see when the user specifies the cities.

Grade: P
Score: 87

The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70. Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 37 Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 40 Sequence/Collaboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 10

Well, I am not happy with the score. I expected minimum 90%. But, well, considering the fact that I spent just 16 hours for the entire part 2 including documentation, the ROI is great. ( Cant help, as I have to manage 2 projects)

Thanks for the forum for your excellent support. I will be active in the forum as long as I can. This is a place where I meet great minds and hearts.

If your question has any mention of your design skills and aptitude for architecture, then I would say, SCEA is very helpful.

All the best. Please go through all certifications, their prerequisites and syllabus. Make a decision based on that.

Don't go for any certification because it is touch or because it is rare.