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In MVC the model, view and controller should be 'loosely coupled' to one another but each of the three parts: model, view and controller are more cohesive within themselves.

eg. The code that you develop for the View can concentrate on one specific conceptual activity - providing the view. (Aka cohesion)

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Maybe my useful batch file compile.bat might point you in the right direction.


Hi Vineela,

I read your problem last week and did a quick test to see if I got the same results. I didn't so see if you can spot any difference to what I did.

I'm using Tomcat 5.0.28

Heres the JSP:

I put my code here:

copy web\result.jsp c:\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28\webapps\steven-jsp-II-examples\result.jsp

Can you spot any differences?

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I was stuck at the same point. I was all set for the exam and had my attributes, patterns, JSP, EL etc sorted but this tag business would not fit in my poor little brain.

I think that if you are following the HF book you can get confused by the numerous types of tags, tld's etc. I believe its helpful to take the time to separate them in your mind and then chapters 9 & 10 start to make a lot more sense.

Basically in Chapter 10 we are introduced to 3 types of tags.

1. Tag Files.

Like includes but better, based on JSP, use attribute and tag directives.

2. Simple Tags.

Java class, TLD to describe attributes. Extends SimpleTagSupport.

3. Classic Tags.

Java class, TLD to describe attributes. Extends TagSupport.

This is roughly how I have separate them in my mind. Once you see them like this you can see that the example at the end of Chapter 9 is an example of deploying a type 2 - Simple Tag.

Hopefully things will now start to fall into place.


Most importantly check that the example JSPs are working in Tomcat as Naresh suggested. If they are then you know the problem is in your source code for the jsp.

Then compare the example source with your own. You will probably find a missing bracket or some such bug in your code.

Best of luck,


Thank you both for the help. Naresh made a good point. The EL examples that come with Tomcat are working. I will investigate differences between them and mine.


The file is called resultJB.jsp

Thanks for asking.

I need help with EL. Two days of fiddling around and reading up on Tomcat and my EL expressions still aren't working. Am I missing something very obvious?

I have Tomcat 5.0.28 and have not chosen to ignore EL in the directive or the DD. My jsp contains the following:-

and I get the following result on my web page:

The expressions are not evaluated. Not even the simple ${8*8} or ${true and false}.

Would apreciate any help to move on from this sticking point.



Unfortunately no photocopies were made of any extremes but we did all get a fluffy hedgehog as a present.

Only 45 minutes of suffering left!!

17 years ago
Nice one Ashok!

As I was saying...
17 years ago

Great idea. I'll run it past my boss when he gets in.

17 years ago

Awesome may be an over exageration but I hope it helped to emphasize the drama of my situation. Then again for the father of a 15 month old boy just getting out once in a blue moon feels awesome.

Wish I could report wild and wicked deeds but it was just a great night out with good friends. My first Christmas party in Spain. Awesome!

I'm now getting to the end of the second longest hour of my life have you any advice on how to fast forward to 6pm?

17 years ago
Last night was the Christmas party. It was awesome. At 5:30 I slipped into bed and into a brief discussion of the "where the hell have you been" type with my wife. At 7:30 (only 2 hours later) yours truly managed to heave his wreck of a body and mind into the office. Now two cups of tea, a bottle of water and a banana later only one sickeningly long hour has passed.

How am I going to last till 6pm without crashing out on my desk? How will I survive the multilingual conference call at 12:30? How can I stop my eyes from going all red and blotchy? How do I separate the dreams from the reality?

Any ideas? Is anyone else having a similar day? Please tell me there are worse cases than mine to make me feel a bit better.

17 years ago
Well done Anton. I'm happy that for you the waiting and worrying is over.

Where next? SCWCD or some time off from the certifications?

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17 years ago

Try this:

Use an IO program to create a file with a header and data. For example:-


FileID, Field1Name, Field1Length, Field2Name, Field2Length etc... ie

"1234, Name, 10, Address, 25, Age 3"

Data (obviously field sizes are 10, 25, and 3 (total record length 38)):

"Steven My Address 1 21"
"Fred His Address 2 69"
"Mary Her Address 3 12" etc..

Now can you write a mini-app that can read the header, figure out what data to expect and then read through the data parsing each 38 char record into 3 fields and print them to the screen?

This is how I began my SCJD app. From here its simple to put in a find method, or build a delete, update method but maybe not the best use of your time. If your app can read the file maybe its time to download the exam and get your app to read the file that Sun provide.

Then build the data class over the Sun file to provide the add, update, find functionality.

Would this get you started?