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Kobus Prinsloo

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Recent posts by Kobus Prinsloo

Hi Jacquie

What would be the best way to move from developer to Project Manager?
Does your book cover this process of moving up the "corporate ladder" within IT?

15 years ago
Do these certifications really make a difference in your life?
I have been considering to do the J2EE certification, but I am not sure if it is really worth it.
(WSAD 5.0.1 on SuSE Linux 9.0 )
I have been using the Universal Test Client (UTC) for quite some time, without any problems. When opening the JNDI explorer, I have come accross the following problem though. I can view the tree of local EJB's but not the rest of the JNDI tree. Something like this:
[Local EJB beans]
IWAD0404E Error resolving context
When attempting to manually lookup one of the EJB's via the lookup button I get the following error:
IWAD0402E Could not perform lookup with the JNDI name: A communication failure occurred while attempting to obtain an initial context using the provider url: "iiop://localhost:2809/". Make sure that the host and port information is correct and that the server identified by the provider url is a running name server. If no port number is specified, the default port number 2809 is used. Other possible causes include the network environment or workstation network configuration.
Strange thing is, things were working just fine the one day, and the next day it wasn't any more... (ok-ok I know this sounds silly, but I really can't think of anything I have changed that could break it)
In an attempt to figure out what is wrong I have created a clean Test Server, with only the UTC running on it. This results in the following error:
IWAD0404E Error resolving context
The console output looks like this:
[26/03/04 11:55:39:556 GMT] 13fa8a5a ApplicationMg A WSVR0221I: Application started: IBMUTC
[26/03/04 11:55:39:601 GMT] 13fa8a5a HttpTransport A SRVE0171I: Transport http is listening on port 9,080.
[26/03/04 11:55:41:588 GMT] 13fa8a5a HttpTransport A SRVE0171I: Transport https is listening on port 9,443.
[26/03/04 11:55:41:707 GMT] 13fa8a5a RMIConnectorC A ADMC0026I: RMI Connector available at port 2809
[26/03/04 11:55:41:783 GMT] 13fa8a5a WsServer A WSVR0001I: Server server1 open for e-business
[26/03/04 11:56:14:152 GMT] 389c8a53 WebGroup I SRVE0180I: [IBM Universal Test Client] [/UTC] [Servlet.LOG]: /html/jndiPage/jndiFrame.jsp: init
[26/03/04 11:56:14:649 GMT] 389c8a53 WebGroup I SRVE0180I: [IBM Universal Test Client] [/UTC] [Servlet.LOG]: /html/jndiPage/jndiPage.jsp: init
[26/03/04 11:56:14:850 GMT] 389c8a53 WebGroup I SRVE0180I: [IBM Universal Test Client] [/UTC] [Servlet.LOG]: /html/toolbar/toolbar.jsp: init
[26/03/04 11:56:14:898 GMT] 75328a5c WebGroup I SRVE0180I: [IBM Universal Test Client] [/UTC] [Servlet.LOG]: /html/jndiPage/jndi.jsp: init
[26/03/04 11:59:24:289 GMT] 75328a5c WsnInitCtxFac W NMSV0602E: Naming Service unavailable. A communications error occurred.
If anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do to resolve this issue, please let me know.
Thanks in advance!
16 years ago