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Recent posts by Vasudevan Varadharajan

Hi Authors,
is all the j2ee related technologies/methodologies/frameworks , such as AOP, JSF, Webservices , are illustrated in this book?

how is this book organised is like a manual, or tutors the concepts than giving out steps to accomplisha task?

are there good examples and sufficent exercise to work on, is there keys to answers?

does the book have sufficient code for the illustrations and is the code available online?

to design the problem and illustrate, what methodology did u use? (UML or other methodologies)?

what are your plans to update the book for the new technologies? how often will you revise the book?
this is a wonderul explanation. this can rule out any further doubts in threading. gr8 work kkep posting.thanks a lot.
I installed the Netbeans 3.5.1, which uses the JDK 1.4.2.After the installation i tried to run a bean program , whic fails to compile saying the package cannot be found. I tried to put the package in the classpath also, but that also failed.
I experienced similar problem when running Java Mail API's. I beleive that the packages wil be internally set by the Netbeans IDE.
Is ther any other way to make them work.
I use Windows 2000 Professional.
Thanking You in anticipation,