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Recent posts by Simon MacDonald

Before I bought any training I compared a few online resources (including Whizlabs). I decided to go for javacertificate and I believe they are truly the best in preparing you for the exam.
I have outlined my preparation route here
When is your exam?
Their product contains a lot of questions, from easy to very hard.
They have a training mode that you can use that adjusts the level of
difficulty according to your skill level. If you are good you get hard questions, if you are weak they present you with easy questions. Good for the motivation. ;-)
I really liked their quick review questions for each objective individually.
You get also an exlusive final certification mock exam, these are all questions you have never seen before.
Answers and questions are randomly displayed.
You have a trial exam that determines your skill level and many mock exams.
Not sure exactly how many questions they have but I think (including the quick review) more as 1000 and they
all contain a detailed explanation.
The site is very dynamic, instead of displaying the question on one page without any interaction and does not come up with annoying popups or banners.
For me it was important to be able to practice anywhere on any PC (work and home).
Many thanks everyone for congratulating me, especially Thomas.
I'm coding for about the last year in Java, I have/had experience in C++ for about 2 years.
For the last 6 weeks I have been practising for about 3/4 hours a day, without skipping one day. (Except for one, my Son's birthday). The first 3 weeks I went through the JLS while doing some examples and afterwards took only mock-exams from javacertificate.
All the best with your preparation.
16 years ago
I have been looking into Whizlabs, tried their demo and was not really satisfied about it.
I looked through some other products available and went finally with the full preparation package of
I posted my findings of them here
Did you had a look at the Sony P900. Java debugging on your phone and a free Eclipse plugin available.
I just came back from the exam centre; I'm still very excited and shaking.
I was really nervous before the exam but was able to calm down after I had filled in
the pre-exam questions.
I passed the exam with 98%.
I had scheduled my exam originally for the 25/04 but I felt very confident and moved it forward to today.
I would like to thank all the JavaRanch people for being such a great bunch of people, always friendly and willing to help. Apologies If I didn't participate too much.
I used only, I purchased their full preparation package a couple of weeks ago and went through all the objectives. Only when I scored 90% and above each objective I moved on to the next objective.
After each objective I went through their quick review questions and every time I started a new objective
I ran the quick review questions from the objectives that I had finished.
Finally I started to take many mock-exams on their site and yesterday I went through the exclusive final certification mock exam.
This is a very cool site and very well organized. The mock questions are very close to the real exam. I could not have been able to pass without them.
Many thanks folks.
I didn't purchase any books but I went through the JLS, rather boring but very good to study the correct terminology.
Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife and almost 2 year old son for having to miss me during my study period.
16 years ago
Before I purchased from I checked their feedback system. Usually I had response from them within 8 hours time. One time they answered my query within 15 minutes. Great support.
Hopefully I pass the exam.
I just started preparing for the SCJP 1.4 exam. My exam is due on the 25/04. I just purchased over the weekend the preparation package from for only $40.
The questions are really great and are focused on the objectives. I like to study online and they have detailed feedback that helps me with the more difficult questions and the interface is excellent.
Hope this helps.
When is your exam due?