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Recent posts by Malini Raja

For servlets/jsp I would suggest
the specs, HF-servlets/jsp
and Core servlets&JSP
(you can download the free book

For EJB,I also suggest reading
Enterprise javabeans by Richard
19 years ago
Mainly HFEJB,EJB2.0 Specs,Mikalai Zaikin's notes,
Enterprise Javabeans by Richard Monson-haefel,
and last but not least Javaranch.You can find
more here.
This applies to all types of Enterprise beans not only MDBs.
The specs. means that the EJB located inside a container on the server
must not be exposed directly for modification through a GUI.
A GUI client however can be designed to access an EJB through a remote
interface so that the EJBObject can perform the necessary checks as the bodyguard to the bean. This way the bean that performs the services is completely protected from server security breaches.

The ejbSelect methods can be called
1. by the container/find methods /home business methods
in the pooled state or business methods in the ready state.

All application exceptions are for the benefit of the client
that called the find/home business/business methods from the
Home or component interfaces. The application exception (generally
business logic exceptions)thrown by the select method eg.-FinderException is sent by the container as is to the client so that it can be handled.
The container implements the abstract select methods in the final implementaion of the(abstract) bean class (along with the find methods) using the ejbql queries in the DD at the time of deployment.How the container implements the bean does not affect the kind of exception thrown,
perhaps the client supplied parameters used in the select method.

Refer to 10.7.3 in the specs
"Every finder method except ejbFindByPrimaryKey(key) is specified in the query deployment descriptor element for the entity."

The findByPrimaryKey method of a cmp entity
bean is fully implemented by the container.
However, ejbql is specified for the other (optional)
find methods declared in the home interface. Also
there are no matching ejbFind methods defined in the
cmp entity bean class for any of the find methods.

A bmp entity bean however would have to provide
data access code using jdbc and pass sql queries in the
ejbFindByPrimaryKey (or any other ejbFind) method
implementations in the bean class.You dont have to
study bmp entity beans for the exam.

I passed my SCBCD test with 92% yesterday.
I took about 3 months to prepare starting first
with HFEJB then moved on to Enterprise javabeans
by Richard Monsel-Haefel and specifications.
Mikalai Zaikin's study guide was also very useful
for revision.I practiced the code samples on
the reference implementation and the mock exams on
SoftSCBCD. I made my own revision notes especially
about all the tricky parts which turned out to be very
helpful during last minute revision because the test
had quite a lot of those.
Throughout my preparation I referred to this forum
and had all my doubts cleared every step of the way.
Thankyou very much to all the javaranch posters in
the SCBCD forum.

Malini Raja
19 years ago