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Recent posts by Ling Chung

problem is i generate a link using a href and i want to display this as a button.

So i have :

So this is the way i generate a link. How can i make this to generate a button. I want to go an action with a single parameter using an submit button.
19 years ago
Hello all, how can i generate a link which is resembled by a button. So the link refers to an action, but i want the link to be a button. Or can i just use the html:submit ??
19 years ago
Ok if i look at the example given on this page :

Can i replace it like this for using mp3 as soundfile :

Will this script also be working for mozzila firefox browser?
I have been googling around to find what i am looking for. Most javascripts do not seem to work or don't exactly do what i want. So perhaps you guys can help me out. I place a link of some sort on my website to play an mp3. if it starts playing i want to display an image with which you can stop playing the mp3. If i click this image the mp3 stops and i see an image with which i can start playing it again.

Thanks a lot!!
But how can i make it to not remember my previous workspaces?
Hello all,

i am building a struts webapplication and would like to know if there is a way to get rid of the for instance when i add a product to my shoppingcart -> like
afterwards when i keep refreshing it keeps performing this action. How can i make sure the text displayed in the title bar is "clean" and it doesn't perform an action twice when a user clicks the refresh button of his browser.

19 years ago
That's not it i'm afraid, i removed the folders but when starting eclipse i still see the option of choosing the workspace...
Hello all,

i have created some workspaces in eclipse, but unfortunately not all correct. I now want to delete the incorrect workspaces, but can't seem to find out how to do this.

Can anyone help me out on this one?

Thanks a lot!!

i have a class called Link, it represents a link to another website to be displayed in my application. The Link class has two attributes, name and location. Name represents the name of the link and location represents the url.

I have a form that contains all the links, i do an iterate over them. i write out the name using bean write. How can i write the String location in a way that it will represent a hyperlink. I tried :
19 years ago

Originally posted by Gytis Jakutonis:

But lock(-1) may block for e.g. 30 minutes if client holding lock has died or even block forever if malicious client holds lock without releasing it.

That is exactly the point, if you lock the entire database and there is still a client holding a lock but client is dead, you can become blocked forever...
How to deal with this issue?
Hi there,
how can i provide a JDialog that doesn't have a close option (the 'x' in the top right corner of the frame)?
Thanks for the help!!
20 years ago
Interesting question, wait for x seconds then
1. just shutdown server;
2. give message there are still clients ask for shutdown OK CANCEL;
3. don't shutdown server.
I think option 2 is most elegant, but i'm still not sure for how long to wait?
Could someone also have a look at my other reaction? When i unbind the registry a lot of exceptions can be thrown. What to do with these, do they mean the registry is already "down" ?
[ April 27, 2004: Message edited by: Ling Chung ]
Hello all,
last question on this subject :
when caling registry.unbind this method throws a lot of exceptions :
What to do in the catch block, i guess they all mean server is already closed... Can is state in the catch block // Do nothing or is there another way to handel this. printStackTrace for example?

Originally posted by Marcel St�r:
I've given the "proper shutdown" problem quite some thought - I believe;-)
What I do is the following:

  • unbind the RMI object (or close the socket.accept thread) so that no new requests will get through.
  • ask the db to shut itself down. It makes sure all pending request are completed (internally keeping track of them) and then closes the data file.
  • call UnicastRemoteObject.unexportObject for the registry which was started by the server.start method.
    This procedure allows me to start/stop the server in the server's admin GUI without terminating the program.

  • Marcel
    P.S. if someone has found a better solution to shutdown the RMI registry, please let me know...

    Is it necessary to call the UnicastRemoteObject.unexportObject or is it sufficient to
    1. lockdatabase
    2. close database
    3. unbind registry
    Thanks for the help!!