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Recent posts by Hari Krishna Varma Gadiraju

Is there way what oracle driver version my java code is using?

I would like to know if my code is using the oracle8i / 9i JDBC Driver.
Jacques, thanks for the suggestion.
Andrew's quote:

If you really wanted to handle booking individual employees, you might be able to book the existing record, changing the number of employees, and create a new record with the remaining employees. It is not the way I would go though.

I believe, adding a new record with the left over staff will only complicate the things in terms of merging the records when no one uses this contractor, deleting the newly created records etc. If I would like to display the booked records also in my GUI, then duplicate rows will appear for this contractor except for the staff column.
Instead of going through all these complexities, I would prefer to ignore the field and document the same appropriately.
Will welcome the suggestions from other ranchers also.
Hi Ranchers,
I am new to this forum and have a question specific to my SCJD assignment.

My assignment is Bodgitt and Scarper, LLC. (a broker of home improvement contractors). The post seems to be a really big one (sorry for it).
Below is the schema definition give by Sun:

Field descriptive name Database field name Field length
Subcontractor Name name 32
City location 64
Types of work performed specialties 64
Number of staff in organization size 6
Hourly charge rate 8
Customer holding this record owner 8

I understand that each row in the db file correspondis to a contractor.
Here is a statement from the assignment in the UI requirements section:

The user interface for this assignment must satisfy the following criteria:
-- It must allow the user to book a selected record, updating the database file accordingly.

What bothers me now is the database field size (Number of staff in organization).
When a CSR books a contractor,
1) do I need to get the input of the staff requirements for the work?
(say, the contactor has the staff size of 10, but the home improvement work for which CSR1 books this record reqiuires only 4 people. CSR2 can use the remaining staff for some other work)
2) do I need to block the entire record without even asking for such input?

Following are the problems that I foresee in any of the above choices:
Choice 1:
If I implement,this choice then I need to write the customer id of the CSR1 who first books the record (say 4 people required for the work) into the owner field. Since the only way to indicate a record being availale is through the owner field (being empty), how can I make this record being available (with remaining 6 staff memebers) for a CSR2?
Above all this, how can I track how much staff is being booked by a CSR?
All these problems prompt me to go by choice 2.
Choice 2: What is the use of the "size" database field then?
Is it sufficient if I document in design choices that the idea of using the size field for the purpose that I mentioned above has been considered, but dropped out due to the limitations in the schema definition itself? (or) Does sun ask me to make use of this field by the following statement in the UI requirements section?

Your user interface should be designed with the expectation of future functionality enhancements, and it should establish a framework that will support this with minimal disruption to the users when this occurs.

Appreciate your suggestions on this.
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