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i passed...within two weeks practice and 86 %
tnx for this forum
17 years ago
What is the question?
greetings Jos
maybe you could look at the
You will see that the run method there looks like this :

And when start of the thread is invoked it will do the run() method. And you overridden the run() method in the original thread. So it won't execute the 'target' but only your run method.
Look in the source of java wich comes with every SDK.
I hope this helps
greeting Jos ( who is has to take his exam april the 6th )
[ April 02, 2004: Message edited by: j zaal ]
and the public class should have the same name as the file.
>> is signed shift operator!!
so -1 >>31 = -1
>>> is unsigned operator
-1 >>> 31 =1