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I think you will need to have control on the hosting server.
Or where are you planning to install the Tomcat?
14 years ago
Thanks for your responses, I was finally able to fix it. I want to learn more about Struts, do you know any book that might be of help?

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15 years ago
I have been battling with Struts since yesterday and I've deprived myself of sleep. Its now morning and the sun is shining but my problem persists.

How do you configure Apache Tomcat 5.5.9 to use Struts 1.2.9?

I have downloaded the zip, no jar files, everything in the folder is in XML format. Can someone put me out my ~@#;'#;
15 years ago
I only just realised that the <jsp-config> element exists in the <web-app>root element of web.xml

how come this information is not readily available anywhere?
...or am I the slow one :-(
I will be willing to contribute to the development of a web based simulation exam. Please fill me in.

my addy is
16 years ago
I am a certified web component developer and I am looking for hands on experience in developing web applications.

Areas of knowledge: jsps, servlets, xml, bla bla bla
Place of residence: United Kingdom

Please let me know if you need my green horn.

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16 years ago
Thanks so much for ur suggestions but I'm still not getting anything positive. This is my commandline input

c:\>javac -classpath /somefile/foo.jar -d classes

The structure is how u suggested but I am not sure how -classpath (in the commmand-line) affects the import in mum calls me crusty
17 years ago
I am trying to understand packages but its getting a bit difficult.

...compiles fine

Why is my second class giving me this compile error?
package com.example.test does not exist
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17 years ago
I am new to the servlet technology world, can anyone help me out?
The first section of the exam objectives for the SCWCD is about HTTP methods. I did a quick search in the API for the HTTP class but there is none.

What are HTTP methods, please?
its working now! Thanks all. very much appreciated.
I used port 3307 because I thought it was a problem with that port. Anyway, I have set everything back to default.
Now mysql is on port :3306 and my jsp refers to it on that same port but the problem still persists

I am using XP with service pack 2
I am new to SQL and I resently just installed MySQL server on my system. I also have Tomcat installed as my webserver.
This is my problem:

I keep getting this error when my JSP tries to connect to my database

Cannot connect to MySQL server on localhost:3307. Is there a MySQL server running on the machine/port you are trying to connect to?

Tomcat and MySQL both run on my machine!

and here is the java code in my JSP

Help please before I go insane, I've been on it for over 48 hours!
[ January 08, 2005: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
I am java programmer and I am willing to work for you for free. I need experience and direction (thats why I am offering the service) and I am currently in Bristol.
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17 years ago
as u know, most java programs start at main and the syntax for the main method is

it is a static method and it can only make calls to static codes. Make sure the object u want to use is istantiated in your main method and also make sure that u import the java.util.*

I hope it solves your problem, I'm a novice too
17 years ago