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Recent posts by Anil Kumar Saha

Hi All,

I've created a java client(jar) using Axis2 wsdl2java tool and running on Geronimo/Tomcat server.
I've xmlbeans databinding while creating the client from the wsdl.
It was working fine. But if the size of the message grows, I'm getting the below exception.

Any help, advise will be highly apprecaited
14 years ago
It depends on a lot of factors.But, you can say it may vary between S$3.5 K to S$5K/ per month.
15 years ago
Can you please be a bit more specif about your below requirement?

how can i add these to my computer so that calls to a specific url will work,

I know how to create a .keystore/.cert file and get the public/private key pair from them.
15 years ago
The meaning of "load factor of a hashtable=0.75" is if the hashtable is 75% full, then it will be re-hashed two times of the initial capacity.
16 years ago
Is it possible to get the size of request data (for example x KB or y MB)in the web-server? Suppose,the request is HttpServletRequest and method is POST.
Any ideas/thoughts will be appreciated.
16 years ago

Why can't we use length() and where his this length located?

Because, in Java, to get the size of an Array, the language designer prefer to define a field called length, instead of a method length (). The reason is unknown.
Since the length is a runtime property, it is not defined anywhere as an API. You can not change the size of an array
Using Wepsphere RAD to create XA Dasource

But gerring the below exception. Any help will be appreciated.
Brilliant elaborate answer. Awesome!!!
But my dear friend,I'm also surprised to see to repet my words in your answer.

Inheritance, indeed, couples the things tightly and results in difficulty to add new features or to customize and in maintenance issues.

Tight coupling. It is very difficult to refactor the code.
[ November 19, 2007: Message edited by: Anil Kumar Saha ]
Jignesh Bhai,

It is not webflow, it is Webwork. Struts 2.x is merged with Webwork project.

I found Struts 2.x has major changes, they have integrated webflow

16 years ago
You can create a Temporary file using the below code

just change the .suffix by .properties and write the key-value pair according to your requirement.For example

For more info click here
16 years ago
Tight coupling means difficult to refactor. Let us take a simple example of HAS-A relationship- A car HAS-A wheel. Now, suppose in future you want to refactor your code and want to move out the Wheel object out of the Car object, it will be bit difficult. That�s why HAS-A is tightly coupled.