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Jacob Hoda

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Recent posts by Jacob Hoda

I have an array list setup in my panel, I have another class that will do the adding to list on the panel.

In that second class how would I call and add items to the Arraylist on the panel without instantiating a new panel everytime?

Am I able to just refer to that arraylist and start adding?

15 years ago
I have a jdbc.class which executes queries etc.

I also have an application class.

When the app runs I'd like to to execute some methods in the jdbc to perform queries, how do I go about doing this?

I know how to call methods but I have to pass the connection paramter which has not been setup in my applicatoin class.

Thanks for you reply.
The problem is that I was supposed to run RMIREGISTRY on the server directory. I did not do that. I ran it on the main directory. It all works well now thank you for taking your time in replying to my message.
16 years ago
I have a bare bone RMI program.
It all works fine when i use local host IE
But now I'm testing it on a server.
I get java.lang.ClassNotFoundException on my Stub class. Even though its in the directory.
When I compiled i did javac -classpath . *.java
than created the stub from implementation file.. IE rmic -v1.2 ClassImpl
I than seperated my files into server and client (placed in sep folders)
uploaded to the server
ran rmiregistry 5544 which is the port i'm using
executed the server file and thats when i get the error of the stub not found.
Any help is appreciated.
Regards, Jacob
16 years ago
Thanks to all, yes that was the problem.
It works fine now, my RMI runs fine locally but have problems now with stubs when I run it on server. I will post a new thread for this.
16 years ago
I'm trying a bare bone RMI for testing.
When running the client side java file I get this exception:
java.rmi.MarshalException: error marshalling arguments; nested exception is: java.lang.Object
This occurs when I'm calling a method with an object as a parameter.
I tried making that object serilizable but that didnt work.
Any help is appreicated.
16 years ago