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Recent posts by les johnson

Thanks... I'll poke about all 3 sites...

Originally posted by Bob Reardon:
Try the Campfire, Cattle Drive, and the Rules Roundup.
You will find the Java Ranch has a lot of resources.

23 years ago
practice +6 months makes perfect...
Thanks and Happy New Year to all at the ranch...
Does the ranch offer online tutorials for Java language
beginners... Something like " See Spot Run "...?
23 years ago
Assuming an extensive procedural programming background spanning
mainframes, mid-range and client-server environments with many
operating systems...
How much time is "on average ( I know that's the toughie ) will
it take for someone like myself to become comfortable with java.?
I've comfortable with the differences between procedural
languages and OO... and am working on mastering VB...
23 years ago
What features are within Star Office that make it a worthwhile
product to support...?
Looking for Mr. Good Knowledge...
Thanks and Happy Holidays to all....
23 years ago
What operating systems does StarOffice run under..?
23 years ago