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kelly devon

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Recent posts by kelly devon

Goodday all,

i am trying to add a css file to my application and i keep on getting this error: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
i have tried this using three variants which i commented out in the code, none works

Please help..... thank you
below is my code:

5 years ago
Thank you very much
6 years ago
Good day,

Please i need help. i am supposed to write a program that goes through a computer searching for a particular file,
i really don;t know how how to go about it.
please a clue will help so much.Thank you
6 years ago
i am using netbeans 7.4. i created a java application using the embedded driver of the java DB it runs well on the development environment. i want to deploy it to another computer
so far i created a jar file but it is not inclusive of the java DB of which i am using the embedded driver. please can anyone help me on how to get both my app and the database together.
thank you
7 years ago

I don't know if i am in the right forum. But all the same i need help. I am using netbeans 7.1 to write my application and Java database (embedded driver) as my data store.
the problem i am facing is how to make a periodic backup of all the data that has been stored in the database so far. I have no idea where to start
I appreciate your help

Thank you.
7 years ago

I am done with my application using netbeans 7.1, please can anyone tell me how to create an executable version so I can run on on another computer.

Thank you
8 years ago
I am not sure i am posting this in the right forum, but i need help.
I am trying to create an executable version of my application. I am using Netbeans 7.1, so far i have created the jar file, but how do i include the class files?
I ran the jar but it complained about not finding the main class, Please help.

thank you
8 years ago
Martin thanks for bringing this to light i have seen my mistake!!!
Thank you so much

please i am getting a jtable to display values between a date period. when this part of syntax executes, it displays all the values in the database without displaying the range i asked it to.

please help.
thank you in advance

rs=stat.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM Incomedb WHERE Date BETWEEN'"+getfrmdate+"'AND'"+gettodate+"'");
//System.out.println(getfrmdate + ""+""+ gettodate);
partdb = rs.getString("Particular");
amtdb = rs.getDouble("Amount");
datedb = rs.getString("Date");

gettotal = amtdb+gettotal;
// System.out.println(partdb);
Vector tmp = new Vector();

hi all, please i need help in getting the correct syntax for a select statement that uses where and . what i mean is this; ("SELECT data FROM register WHERE date="+"'"+21+"'"+ AND+ "'"+22+"'"); i cant seem to get it right thank you.
Ok, let me try it. thanks for the clue. I appreciate. let me get to work!! Love you guys
9 years ago

please i need help!! i have two forms, one creates a user name and password, the other asks the user to login normally.
I have no clue on how to make the first form to launch once and for all so that when next the application is run it will only display the login form.
please help me figure this out.

thank you
9 years ago
Good day all,

i have created a jpassword field and i am inserting the new password created into microsoft sql database, the jpassword accepts the input as char[]. when a user creates the password it prints out what the user entered but in the database it is giving me characters i don't recognize, they look like this $#%BNM. the datafield of the database i chose varchar, i tried char. it gave me the same thing please help me thank you.
below is a fragment of the code the asks it to send the data to the database.

Please UseCodeTags - I've added them for you above. - Jesper de Jong
9 years ago

I am working on this project and i have a menu box integrated with a panel, i want when i click on another menu item like "Issue details" to get the issue details menu to display on the panel that contains the menu.

Thank you for your help.
10 years ago