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Though not related to performance, from design point its better to code using interfaces because of lower coupling, See the fllowing lines from

It’s best to program to interface, rather than classes. Spring reduces the complexity cost of using interfaces to zero. - This is a basic programming principal and is actually at a higher level than Spring. It's about loose coupling and building services which are bound with contract and not glued tightly with implementations.
13 years ago
which is faster abstract class or interface?

I can think of it as:
Class loader has to load type information for class as well as interface so they score equally on this point

Class loader in addition will load type information for methods and assuming that both have same methods with abstract class having all abstract methods and interface having same number of methods, they also score same on loading type information for methods

When a method is called on the sub class object in both cases then the same method will be overridden and hence will be decided at run time and hence seems to be equal for both.

But the difference may arise if the method being called is defined in the super class (abstract in this case) and not overridden in sub class. Thus there is no need for run time polymorphism and hence reduces time but in case of interface, there is always going to be sub class version of the method and I see some kind of run time computation which makes abstract classes more faster in this particular case when implementation has been provided for the method.

Please do give some thought and more inputs......
13 years ago
Usually the real exam is 10% easier than mock exams (compairing same versions)
Congrats for the great percentage.

so what next now?
14 years ago

Duran Harris wrote:If I have the following:

final int[];

will all the cells in the array have their value set at 0(int's default value)
or is the final modifier just to prevent reassigning the reference??

assigning values is a runtime thing
reassigning check for final's is compile time thing

here you are declaring an array reference that will point to group of int's
the values of these int's can be changed but the array reference will continue to point to this group of int's till its lifetime.

Ankit Garg wrote:Well you will have to peel it. You cannot scratch it. Just peel it slowly. That's what the prometric center guy did to my voucher too...

As if removing a sticker...
expect 2-3 question on inner classes in exam.

camilo lopes wrote:in the my blog there is one post about it!

not english
Hint: use [] operator of EL
Can you post the code with try blocks added?
frankly, very much close to real exam question.

you need not include area to find the hashcode because area is itself calculated using length and breadth.

hope that clears your doubt
is it single radio button or radio button group?
14 years ago
yes, the root cause is in your post as:

root cause

Unable to find a javac compiler;

Check that java is installed and proper classpath and path variables are set.