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The different for both variable is on it LIFE CYCLE.

Environment variable can LIVE at the same transaction/thread in each node. Life Cycle is within a transaction.

LocalEnvironment variable can only can continue LIVE when each of the connected nodes configure the property mode to LOCAL ENVIRONMENT. Life Cycle is within a series of the connected node which configured "LocalEnvironment" mode. It only alive until the node which not configure with "LocalEnvironment" mode (Please refer X).

EG: MQ INPUT ---> COMPUTE Node "LocalEnvironment" (1) ---> FILTER Node "LocalEnvironment" (2) ----> Compute "Message" (X)------> Compute "LocalEnvironment" (3) ---> ... ... ...

Hence it LIFE CYCLE is within 1,2,X.

At 3 onwards the LocalEnvironment variable which declare at (1) will not be available to access. But for Environment variable is still ALIVE

Parmeet Singh wrote:Question:--

My Question is

What is a diffrence between LocalEnvrironment and Envrionment variables in Ibm Message Broker ESQL?

Please assist..


12 years ago
Congrats tushar,

Currently i'm also registered for the test, can you share with me what's the material suitable prepared for this exam? Thanks.
Hello every javaranch member, I've just passed the SCWCD 1.4 exam with 86% . This is the 2nd time i use O'Reilly Head First series book. It really works. i managed to score 81% for SCBCD in last year. But this year even more is 86% after i read Haed First Servlet & JSP. Really thanks alot to the author Kathy, Bert, & ...??? hehehe sure remember u Bryan. Thanks alot. This may be is my own Christmas Gift in this year. I would like to wish everybody Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2006.
16 years ago
Last MON i took the exam and passed with 81%. Actually i'm very happy with it although most of the member posting their marked almost 90% and above. This is because previously i only got 53% marked and just above the passing score for SCJP1.4 exam... this can be say is an improvement for me. I changed my reading style from SCJP --> SCBCD ... Thanks Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates alot... they really not only good understanding in EJB but also good in drawing those funny bean's to make my learning path to be so interesting.

I really don't believe programming learning book can be wrote like this way. So impressive... Finally i would like to and next target is SCWCD exam......
17 years ago