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I wish to do it. please share the details about materials other than you mentioned.

this voucher is also used for SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD, SCEA Exams.
Validity up to 30th June 2008.

contact me @ rama131079@gmail.com
16 years ago
http request and response headers are case sensitive or not.
is it possible to throw ServletException from destroy() method.
Is it mandatory to call setContentType before calling getWriter() or getOutputStream on response object if content type is other than "text/html". If i am not setting it, can i get any errors?
Thanks Anupama for clarifying doubts about body-content values in Tag Files, Simple and Classic Tag.
upto my knowledge there is no return type need to be specified for constructor. if i specified in a program, it is working without
showing an error at compile or runtime. why it so?

class Test {
int Test() {
return 1;

public static void main(String args[]) {
Test t = new Test();

thanks in advance
it is possible to check the user is logged in or not, but it depends on bean type, bussiness method or callback methods, lifecycle state of the bean.
It is possible that another(second) client can able to call bean method by having it's remote object's stub.

what are the additions in 1.4 version. i already read the SCWCD exam study kit book, is it need to prepare any other topics.

thanks in advance
Hi r u getting ur kit or not. i am also passed SCBCD1.3 on 2nd may 2006, still now i am not getting my certificate and kit.
Just I started to learn for SCWCD, so add my emailid also rama131079@gmail.com
Thanks Mohammad for ur reply.
plz help to clarify my doubt regd drad drop qtns