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Java Programmer

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since Apr 20, 2004
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Recent posts by Java Programmer

When will we use abstract interfaces and how ? pls. help me out
& Why interfaces cannot be instantiated ? are abstract classes instantiated ?
Do tell with good examples
14 years ago
see execute(sql) returns boolean type and u r catching it in ResultSet object.
To get ResultSet object use either executeQuery(sql) or getResultSet(sql) on Statement object.
Right Click on the Top-LeftMost icon on the Title bar of the Applet Menu will be displayed then Select Close from it.
14 years ago
Do following:
I think This will work :
//---Your Code
String temp=new String("");
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Enter Nick Name",JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE);
/* plaease check the API for JOptionPane.showMessageDialog() */
//--Your Code
14 years ago
Do following:
1. String temp=new String("");
2. if((temp.compareTo(textField.getText())==0)
14 years ago
PLease do the Following:
1. Insert your array to ArrayList as new ArrayList(array);
2. Use Collections.sort(arraylist)
3.Print Arraylist, You will get result
I'm supposed to order an array of integers.
the original array is:

looks pretty good, but hey, there are numbers in there that shouldnt be there?! I have no idea how I just lose some numbers and the compiler adds some instead...

here is the code i have:

Any help is greatly appreciated!
[ April 19, 2004: Message edited by: Ben Buchli ][/QB]
14 years ago
You must get ResultSet object before closing the Connection then close the Connection and do whatever you need to do with resultset you acquired:
ResultSet rs=statementEx.executeQuery(sql_statement);
// your processing here

I think when we do next() , it works on local object and does not go to database. But we can't iterate through Resultset after closing connection. why can't next() works after closing connection??

Originally posted by Vishwas Hegde:
You have to run tomcat server or Websphere server on your machine.
to check this you can type in your browser http://localhost:8080 in case of Tomcat server it will provide you help
I am really confused... I need to do one of the following project
1. web server
2. mail server
3.proxy server
4.print server
and the thing is i dont know ANY THING abt sevlets or RMI. Some people say its better to do using RMI and some people say Servlets. Please tell me what to do... which one is easier??
Hey and one more thing... i installed jsdk2.1 but i am not able to run the servlet programs.
Please tell me in detail abt compiling and running sevlet program. And also tell me from where can i get the latest version of jsdk. I tried to download it from but it says some error occured while transferring the file..!!!
i have saved all my servlet programs under "prog " dir ie c:\prog> - - -
Waiting for your reply
SCJP 1.4

14 years ago