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Recent posts by Iain Starks

I've changed the multicast addresses and port in 2 config files as per http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=TwoClustersSameNetwork
and the error has gone away.
However this seems like a bug to me that is is coming up with this error in the first place so any additional info would be appreciated.
17 years ago
I think this must be a common issue.
I've set up a few JBoss servers using pretty default config "default" in fact.
If i run it on my laptop not connected to the network, it starts fine.
If I'm connected to the network I get this JGroups style error from ClientGmsImpl "suspect() should not be invoked on an instance of org.jgroups.protocols.pbcast.Client" as though it wants to automatically cluster the servers ( which I don't want it to do ).
Anyone got a quick fix?
Sorry for being lazy about this one.
17 years ago
I've had to do this when I want a properties file loaded by the system classloader. I've just set JBOSS_CLASSPATH environment variable to the directory with the property files before starting JBoss.
On linux I've added it to run.conf but on windows it doesn't seem to use this.
17 years ago
I've got an old weblogic app using entity beans and BMP ( so I have most of the data access code in place and working ).
I'm migrating this to JBoss and I'd like to ditch the entity beans so that we can more easily cluster and scale.
So has anyone got any examples of doing this?
I'm just sure this has been done a lot before.
Session Beans have ported pretty painlessly.
I'd given some thought to getting rid of EJB's altogther but I think it adds too much risk.
Thoughts, Ideas, Help?
17 years ago
Dale is right, I was looking for them as well and having downloaded j2sdkee 1.3 I checked and the api docs are included.
It also says that they are included in the 1.4 download.