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Durrab Jami Khan

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since Apr 27, 2004
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Recent posts by Durrab Jami Khan

Hi Mike Merrick,

When I was doing the Hibernate studies then some how I knew that EJB 3.0 will have some features of Hibernate and my question is:

. Is EJB Similarities with Hibernate discussed in this book.

. If not then is there any comparison so we can preffer EJB 3.0 over Hibernate

Thanks & Regards:

Durrab Jami Khan

Cell: +92-333-4715789
u have'nt written your contact or email address so I can send u my resume.before I want to ask some questions.

1. Iam in pakistan so could u offer H1 Visa
2. I have 3+ years of experience in Java/J2EE and now a days Iam working over
IVR(Voice XML) Systems from Java/J2EE

here is my contact email address:
12 years ago
And whats wrong with pakistani
Actually I have done a BCS from pakistan except that I have at least 3 years of professional Java experience after Graduation. and I also send u my resume.And I required H1 Visa.
Kindly consider me.

I tried to mail u my resume two times but I think ur email address is wrong.
If u want to talk with me kindly mail me at

Thanks & Regards

Durrab Jami Khan

Sun Certified Java Programmer (in 2001)
Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (Beta in 2004)
[ September 29, 2005: Message edited by: Durrab Jami Khan ]
13 years ago
Will u people offer the Visa If I will complete the site.Because Iam in pakistan and if u will not offer will u people outsource me here so I will work from here

mail me if u will do:
13 years ago
My Name is Durrab Jami Khan,
professionally Iam working in Java and at this time Iam working as J2ME Developer.
I need a job in US and need H1 Visa, Iam SCJP and Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer and have a BS degree.
Experience: 5 years
contact: Cell: 0092-333-4715789
Home: 0092-042-7841614

Iam a citizen of Pakistan (Lahore)
[ April 16, 2005: Message edited by: Durrab Jami Khan ]
13 years ago
Iam a Software Engineer and I have a 3 years Experience in Java/J2EE and now a days Iam working in J2ME.
and Iam a citizen of pakistan.

Thanks & Regards,
Durrab Jami Khan.
Software Engineer (JMobiles Inc) Lahore.

13 years ago
Hello My name is Durrab Jami Khan and Looking for a job.
I have a good exposure of Struts and J2EE and Java Server Faces.
Kindly contact me and get my resume
Thanks & Regards,
Durrab Jami Khan
14 years ago
Hello Every Body,
My name is durrab khan and yesterday I have received my score report.
First of all I have seen on my score report is that you have answered 46 question total of 68.
After that I have seen my friend's score report he answered 31 questions total of 69.
And I heared the Sun's Policy is that you have to correct 47 question total of 69 question.
Except that if I total the percentages of 11 sections and if if divide it over 11 then It gives me 68.18 percent

Is this a mistake
Is any body having the same case like me
then kindly reply
[ August 09, 2004: Message edited by: Durrab Jami Khan ]
Will Sun Issue the result exactly from 15 July or not.

What you people think :roll:
Iam pakistani
My residence is in Lahore
I am working in Innovatives as Software Engineer
Except that Iam SCJP and SCMAD
I have good expertise in J2ME
So is there any job related to J2ME and Wireless Application Developement
then contact me through my Email

Durrab Jami Khan
Software Engineer (I2C)
14 years ago
My Name is Durrab Jami Khan and Iam SCMAD from Pakistan
Now a days Iam working in Innovative and my e-mail address is

Durrab Jami Khan
Software Engineer
Kindly Help me to get your J2EE Web Services Book In Pakistan


Durrab Jami Khan
Sir I have a "Professional Java Web Services" by Wrox
Now could you tell me about my stuff.

Durrab Jami Khan