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Recent posts by Tridib Samanta

Guys, I am able to write the exam today!!! I suddenly found that sun site has again opened the resitration. I rushed to the test center and wrote the exam.

Along with questions in Profiling, Debugging and testing I got many question how to setup different version of JDK platform for compiling and running. Almost 15 question!

Put emphasize on, different ways to perform a particular task. For example using toolbar button, Menu items and context menu. There are lots of question on this.

It was a good experience taking an IDE exam! I thank Sun for providing us such an opportunity.

Originally posted by Piotr Swiecicki:

It only tells that the registration is closed, nothing that already booked exams are cancelled.

Hmmm...that means when I called the testing center they didn't book my test. BTW, how did you register the exam? Did you get any registration confirmation letter/code while calling the testing center?

I don't know how will we confirm the regitration.

Where do you live? What center was this?

I am in India. I called many testing center. All have the same answer. I called Prometrics customer care. Then I got to know the fact. Is there anybody still able to write the exam?
Today I went to take the exam and had a very bad experience. I registered few days ago to write the exam. Today when I went to the exam center they said the exam is not available. I called Prometric, India. They said the required number of candidates already taken the exam so it has been closed. I am so much dissapointed . Is it what happens in Beta exams?

If you pass, then this certification will clearly have no value

I think it's good to start with certification. It makes you comfortable with the technology before you use it. You can get most out of the technology. Getting experience and then doing the certification may enhance your professional demand but, don't help you in real life programming.
Is there any forum where people are discussing about the preparation and posting doubts/answers?
Thanks everybody for your great replies.
I think using applet is more appropriate for my project requirement.
As, Bear suggested, I also thought to let the user confirm the download. But after download, they may skip this step and the documents may be still available.
Thanks Charles for your suggested solutions. But it seems very tough and I don't have sufficient knowledge to implement those. I must give a try later.

Thanks again everybody.
17 years ago
Thanks Charles! I got your point.
The requirement is like this: These files contain very confidential data. We bring the file from a different environment to our local system. As soon as the user download it, we have to remove it from our local system. But the file should be available for download to the user if the user fails to download the file at first attempt or so.
Could you please suggest any other alternative solution? Thanks in adavance.
17 years ago
Hi All,
I have a servlet which is used for file download. I want to make sure the user completed the download and depending on that I will update the download status as "DOWNLOADED". If the download aborts in the middle or he/she clicks "Cancel" button on the download popup, the download status will be "NOT_DOWNLOADED". How can I do this?
This is a my current project related issue and I am at a doomed condition. Guys I really need your help!
[ May 24, 2007: Message edited by: Tridib Samanta ]
17 years ago
Awesome. Congratulation Manish!
Thanks everybody. I wish all the best who are going to take the exam. Guys, I want to take the webservice exam. But book of RMH is a little bit difficult and does not have working examples. It's almost like a theory book. Does anybody know about a book like HFSJ?
Hi Guys,
I am little bit late to post my result. I cleared SCWCD on last Thursday. It was a wonderful experience. I was preparing to take the exam at the middle of the May. But suddenly there was travel requirement from my company. So I register to take the exam next day. At night I rapidly went through the HFSJ and my notes and took the exam next day.

Here is how I prepared for the exam:

After taking Sun�s free beta exam for SCBCD 5.0. I decided to take SCWCD. I am working in web technology for last 2 years. But I never had a chance to work with all the web components like filter, SimpleTag, EL etc. So, I started reading the Forum for SCWCD in JavaRanch, the best site for java certification. The valuable post by different test takers gave me the idea how should I prepared.
1.I set a time line of 3 months.
2.I bought Head First Servlet and JSP. Started to read it thoroughly. My target was to finish it within one month. I marked the new concepts while reading.
3.I tried to answer the question in JavaRanch. But it seems that either the questions are out of my knowledge or I am not confident about the answer. Then, I started to read each chapter from HFSJ and searched all the topics in JavaRanch related to the chapter. Start reading/answering the question. That built my perfection on the topic.
4.After finishing the book I started to answer questions in Java Ranch independent of the topic. Whenever I had doubt, I consulted specs.
5.At the same time I started to take all the mock exams available in the website. But most of them contain question from previous version. After every mock exam, I read the topic in which I did mistake making sure I can answer all type of question from that particular area. Here are links:

You will get links to other mock exams from the above sites.

6.The evening before the exam I took final mock exam of HFSJ. I scored 79%. I was thinking that this time the HFSJ Mock score + 20% rule is not going to be true for me because that will be a huge score.
7.On the exam day, I didn�t too much. I took the bathe and went to take the exam. Most of the question was straightforward. But I didn�t know the answers of few questions. I applied the rule of elimination. That helped a lot.
8.I completed the exam in 1:10 hr. Rest of the time I made a revision of all the questions. Finished the exam.

This was a great feeling preparing for the exam. I will first like to thank Java Ranch and it�s members. I get the spirit to get certified from this forum. I like to thank especially to Satou kurinosuke, Peabody, Ulf Dittmer, Sergio Tridente, Anupama Ponnapalli , Mallika shah, Sri Kan and many more whose name I can�t remember at this moment but helped me getting this big score.

Thanks to Peabody for his great, concise design pattern notes. But, I missed the beer
. The design pattern questions were straightforward compare to mock exams.

I like to thank HFSJ team for their great book. But there are few errors in the book which seems to be dangerous for newbie. So always keep the errata with you whenever reading the book. I like to have a Head First book for Web Service certification.

My final suggestion will be, practice the mock exams well and make sure you understand the concept behind the question which you answered wrong.

Wish you all the best!
[ April 24, 2007: Message edited by: Tridib Samanta ]
Hi All,

If an session attribute is not serializable, what happens when the container tries to migrate the session from JVM to another? Does it throw any exception or does it just ignore the attribute?
Hi All,
I really confused about the nesting between classic and simple tag. My original idea was
1. We can nest both simple and classic tag inside classic tag.
2. We can nest only simple tag inside a simple tag.
3. If we need to nest a classic tag inside a simple tag we to write adapter class.

But for the exam we only need to know point 1 & 2.

Am I correct?

Guys any help in this topic will be of great help. I not good in nested tags.