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Recent posts by Alfred Harre

Originally posted by Art Neil:

Not sure where to post this question, I would like to hire someone, even a student to create a java applet for me.


How can I contact you? I dont' see any contact info provided in your message or profile.
18 years ago
Hi ranchers,
What is alternative to JavaScript? Let us say if the client has disabled JavaScript then what are the alternatives?
Did anybody read
J2EE In Jeopardy? at theserverside?

Any comments
18 years ago

Originally posted by Prasad Kuppa:
Are you sure on your above statement? I am planning to write the exam by reading *ONLY* the Head First Servlets & JSP.

Hey dude, look at this part too

IMHO, ANY reasonable simulator with Head First Servlets & JSP will do.

Head First Servlets & JSP is all that you need. If you have some experience working with Servlets and JSPs you can go over first 3 chapters of this book really quickly. Rest of the book is also not difficult. IF YOU HAVE EXTRA TIME then scanning SCWCD Exam Study Kit will also help. SCWCD Exam Study Kit is infact for SCWCD 1.3. Just scan those area which are included in SCWCD 1.4 and you will come to know those topics after you have gone through Head First Servlets & JSP

Regarding simulator have a look on

Whizlab simulator are not that much cost effective, they are way costly than the value they deliver.
IMHO, ANY reasonable simulator with Head First Servlets & JSP will do.
I can not buy that costly simulator (2 times the price of book). Where as book deliveres lot more than that of simulator. If you can buy costly simulator then its your choice.

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your perparation. Folks here are very friendly and don't hesitate to give a shout if you need help.

Hope this helps
I would recommend Tomcat and a simple editor (I use TextPad) Because other fancy tools hide the details which you are tested on exam. I guess everone here would agree with this very important decision.

Originally posted by Sivasundaram Umapathy:
Thanks Alfred...

Sivasundaram Umapathy, You are welcom.
I wish someone could tell Whizlab that there price are unreal

Originally posted by Sivasundaram Umapathy:
They both have different objectives ...

I would then recommend

Less than half price of Whizlab simulator
and about exam simulator have a look on discussion going on this thread

Hope this helps
Spend your money wisely I got my money to buy product at half price than that of whizlab products.

I have a big big secret to share here at the ranch.
Price of Head First Servlets & JSP is US $30.57
Price of Whizlab's Simulator for SCWCD US $64.95

I am sure that if you purchase two copies of HFS&J instead of one, you can easily pass the exam without Whizlab simulator and still spend much less money

And also have a look on official exam objectives at
There is nothing as such "Tab Lib" or Tag Lib included there. So, if Whizlab's simulator covers such topic I would say "what a piss poor product" that distracts you from the official objectives.

I waited more than 4 months before I put my hands on HFS&J. There have also been moments of frustration during this long long wait. But, I had one thing very clear in my mind that
K&B know the official objectives and they can't miss anything.
[ September 29, 2004: Message edited by: Alfred Harre ]
What is the difference between the two (servlet.jar & servlet-api.jar). I have servlet.jar in my CLASSPATH and have so far no problem in compiling and running HF Beer example.
Hi Jessica
I have taken BCD before WCD because I was waiting for HF S&J to be released. But unless you have experience in EJB or there is any other compelling reason to take BCD first, I would suggest you to take WCD first. The reason is that BCD has more abastract ideas than that of WCD. Also, Servlets and JSP (covered in WCD) are much much more commonly used in industry than that of EJBs(covered in BCD)

But if you have started studying for BCD then don't look right and left and keep it up. There is nothing from WCD that you would need for BCD.

Hope this helps and good luck with your preparation.

Originally posted by Omar Dziri:
Finally, I cancelled my order for HF Servlets & JSP at
I put an order at B&N. I hope this time I'll not waste all that time!

Omar if you are in canada I suggest you chapters instead of B&N. Today I recieved my book (it was supposed to be delivered on Friday, but blame goes to Canada Post and not chapters)
Chapters did excellent job and posted it within 24 hours.

Originally posted by Bahadar Khan:
if you had read any of other books on the similar subject ( SCWCD ).

Yes, I have read SCWCD Exam Study Kit by Hanumant Deshmukh

In addition to SCWCD Exam Study Kit while waiting for HFSCWCD I have read following books
1. HFEJB -also passed SCBCD
2. Pro Jakarta Struts by John Carnell
3. Building J2EE with RUP by Peter Eeles
4. UML distilled by Martin Fowler
5. Almost 50% of J2EE Web Services by Richard Monson Haefel

Hope this helps