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Recent posts by yung wong

Dear all,

I solved the problem with apache axis library.
13 years ago
thanks for your reply. I can't get xml-rpc for jdk 1.3 from sun site in internet. Could you provide link or any reference for other library in jdk 1.3? thanks again.
13 years ago
Hi all,

Can jdk 1.3 client call Web Service server? Or use other way to get data from Web Service server?
I had Web Service which is supported by jdk 1.4 client.
Now I need a new function for web application in websphere v3.1 call Web Service server.

For my trying experience, I found the following.
1. apache axis: required libraries conflict with websphere library (like xercesImpl.jar...)
2. apach2 soap: requied libraries which need jdk 1.4
3. apache cxf: require jdk 1.5 or above
4. XML-RPC: required jdk1.4 or above

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13 years ago
Is it big defferent between whizlabs SCEA 4.0 and 6.0? Is it just more practice questions in version 6 and nice UI? Is whizlabs SCEA 4.0 still good for the scea cert?

does it have to read lot of material and your project experience?
How do you know your project is good for passing exame?

1. is it true only DII support one way communication mode? stub and dynamic proxy doesn't? How they can call void method?

2. stub is used to convert method to message from request, and convert message to request. so stubs take part of job from JAX-RPC runtime?
dynamic proxy does same same is stub? but DII

3. We can use SAAJ to send/consume SOAP message, so SAAJ can replace stub, dynamic proxy, DII in some degree?
I have been learning Java 8 years, but still don't know some new Java technologies. Any good sites for java news?
17 years ago
Send MIDlet :"sms://+1234567890:4321");

Receive MIDlet:"sms://:4321");

system property: wireless.messaging.sms.smsc = 1234567890

why receive MIDlet can't get message from sender?
anything wrong?
or sugguest somebooks have reference to WMA?

get server error. should I need to configure my browser, and how. pls help.

I have ordered free practice exams from sun and received email with course information. it suggested have to configure browser. I don't know how to do it.


Same problem as here. I called sun representive in Taiwan. They told me that me the discount is not work in Taiwan. is it not worldwide?
I found there are lot of J2se API and others.
It is hard for me to pick them up.
How's you guys study API?

17 years ago
I don't understand what's package test doing and what's the purpose?
17 years ago
just the important and complecate api.
like awt,swing,io...
17 years ago
I searched the web, can't find class diagram for j2se.
designers of J2SE don't work on class diagram to design API?
Would you think UML notations for J2SE API would be easier to understand the architecture?

17 years ago