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Lakshmi Kalidindi

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since May 04, 2004
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Recent posts by Lakshmi Kalidindi

Dont worry.You will get the access. I got the access within 24 hrs.
Try to email to SUN again.
When I am trying to send soapmessage created by saaj Api, I am getting the error saying "Content is not allowed in prolog". I tried to add prolog,after adding prolog(xml declaration) i am getting another error.

Any ideas would be of great help.

Thanks for all your help.
13 years ago
Thank you so much for your explanation.

14 years ago
Hi Friends,

I am also started my preparation for SCDJWS certification.
Please add my yahoo ID avanirajus

Hi Yong,

Thanks for your advice.
Now can any body give me pointer to do preparation for the scenario based questions which are mostly related to EJBs?
Is the practical experience is the only way to have good grip on these kind of questions or by doing some exercise while reading the long books on EJB's or reviewing our fundamentals.

Because as I have use EJB but around 1.5 yrs back and as a developer so, taking best decision quickly for the design sometimes fails.

So, if somebody could help out people like me then it would be great.


Hi Manish,

If you practice more scenario questions from mock tests and have enough study for EJB,then you will be fine.
Thanks for your suggetions.
Yesterday I passed SCEA level 1. Can you pl advice me how to start with
for Level 2. I would appreciate if you can send me any links or material which you used for your preparation.
Hi Sonal,
Congratulations! Thanks for the info.

What chapters you covered from HF EJB for this exam.
Actually i also read HF EJB for my SCBCD exam,but this time
i don't have time to read all the chapters from HF EJB.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Lakshmi K.

Lakshmi K
Thank You Guys.

lakshmi K
Hi All,

I am writing SCEA Part1 on Dec 31st.I read Head First EJB by Kathy Sierra
and Bert Bates once,when i wrote my SCBCD exam. Now my question is,What Chapters i need to study for the SCEA exam from that book.I read EJB from
Mark Cade,but i think it is not sufficiant for this exam.
Any advice please.

Thanks in Advance,

Lakshmi K.
Hi Lakshmi,

Congratulations.Thanks for your help in sharing the resources and your way of preparation.Can you pl email me the material which you have with you.
my emailID is
I am appearing for SCWCD 1.4 ON May 21 st 2004. I have couple of questions about exam. If u r in USA could you pl email me your contact# so that i can talk to you once before My exam
My email id is