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Recent posts by Mindy Walker

My best suggest to you is find a "user interface" class. I have met so many web designers, and marketing execs, that don't know a thing about proper user interface, therefore, designs horrible sites that are confusing to users.
If you want to dabble with graphics, look for a web graphics design type of class to teach you about proper optimization and good tools to use. However, the user interface class is most important.
17 years ago
If your page is displaying in a pop-up/daughter window, you can hide the button bar.
Here is some excellent code that works very well in both Netscape and IE:
Place this code within your HEAD tags:
<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- Begin pop-up window code
function popUp(URL) {
day = new Date();
id = day.getTime();
eval("page" + id + " =, '" + id + "', 'width=600,height=338,menubar=no,toolbar=no,location=no,scrollbars=no,status=no,resizable=yes,');");
// End pop-up window code -->
The "menubar=no,toolbar=no,location=no,scrollbars=no,status=no,resizable=yes" defines which features you would like the browser to use.
This is the link code calling JavaScript:
<a href="javascript :popUp(your_filename.html')">Click here so you can't use your back button!</a>
Have a splendiferous day!
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If possible, it's best to use a cgi script. Most web site hosts provide a few cgi script that you can use on your site. A page hit counter is usually one that is offerd along with form mail handlers and guestbook handlers.
Otherwise, I found this site that will probably do the trick,
Make sure the anchor tag with the name attribute isn't between columns or rows and it is right next to the text it represents. Post your code if that still doesn't work.
Ok Matt, you defined what CDCs, and CLDCs are ( but you missed what profiles are. Could you please explain?
18 years ago
Are there any books out there to learn J2ME? All I can find on amazon is: "Java 2 Micro Edition: A Professional Developer's Guide" by Eric Giguere. But the problem is it won't be published until Nov. 17, 2000!
What's a girl to do???
18 years ago
I've been doing some more research and as far as making the home page usable for search engines, it depends on what the search engine uses. Some of them use the Meta Description tag, others use only the first 250 characters of text within the document-even in comment tags, some use all text except what's in a comment tags, and some will even use text within ALT tags if you have a lot of images, but all of them use the Meta Keywords tag.
I found this page on Infoseek (a.k.a. that tells you what they look for: I'm sure each search engine site will have something similar, if you want to research all of them. Yuck!
This is from
"So the best advice seems to be, work very hard on selecting your keywords (e.g. use a thesaurus to find other words people might use; brainstorm with friends and colleagues, etc) and put the most important ones into a carefully crafted paragraph at the start of your HTML document. Put the whole list into a META tag, most important or selective words first. Announce your page or site using one of the multiple submission services such as Entity."
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I'm positive it will work. I read about it and one of my teachers told me it works.
Ray's idea is also a good alternative. In addtion, I think reducing the size of the images will help move the text up so less scrolling will be needed.
When you compose or reply to a message, there is a link to the "Smilies Legend" it will take you to
I think mad smiley ( ) should be renamed psycho smiley.

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18 years ago
Word the summary carefully to get the users attention. Less is more, more is less.
As far as search engines go, either place the text within the Meta Description tag or a comment tag in the HTML file. Search engines look for text in a document whether it's in a Meta tag, comment tag, or displaying on the page.
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I agree.
The common monitor resolution on the web is 800x600 pixs. with approx. 766x415 pixs. of browser real-estate space available. Anything below the fold, past 415 pixs., usually looses the user, because users don't particularly like to scroll. Something else to keep in mind, the height of the actual real-estate changes with each browser and how their toolbar preferences are set. 415 pixels is with large buttons with text and the address bar.
Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Include only the icon image (moose, horse, etc.) and the title image. On that section's home page, include the description of that section.
  • Use smaller icon images with a small title and a very brief description. Perhaps you could include the icon image in the text and allow the text to wrap around it. Once again, have the full description of that section on it's home page.

  • On the home page, always keep descriptions brief. Users want to be able to navigate quickly. Once they get to where they want to be, they will want to learn more about it.
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What is RMI / CORBA? Are there any good references (i.e., web sites, books, user groups, etc.)
Thanks in advance!
20 years ago
I am looking for some good reference material on Internet Protocols. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Yes. Sockets and Internet Protocols is the answer. I must have overlooked it because I didn't know what Sockets are, but do understand Internet Protocols.
20 years ago
What are sockets and what do they do? Where can I find good reference material on sockets?